Rave Up Records
By: Ginger Coyote


1. 415 Music
2. After The Earthquake
3. Electric Toys
4. Supergirl
5. The Heretics
6. Tin Pan Alley
7. Hurry Up and Go
1. Electric City
2. Spy
3. Taxi Driver
4. Living In The Movies
5. You Can't Live Without The USA
6. Trying To Grow Up
7. Terri (This is my Space Cadet)
Jonathan Postal mailed me this piece of vinyl and I was very impressed by the sound quality.. Thanks to the accomplished hands of Engineer Freddie Katz. This record is a jaunt back in the past hearing these pop punk tunes made me realize how the Readymades helped pave the way for bands like Green Day, Good Charlotte, Blink 182.. Catchy pop tunes with plenty of catchy hooks.. The talent in the band was beyond belief Crime/ The Next Drummer Brittley Black (R.I.P.), Brittley played Drums on "Edge City". Paul Zahl plays drums on all the other tracks has played with so many bands such as Tuxedo Moon, SVT and The Yanks.. The late Morey Goldstein who went on to play sax with The Zasu Pitts Orchestra, Photographer, Ex-Avenger Guitarist Jonathan Postal, Ricky Sludge who played Guitar in The Wolverines and Bassist Wayne Ditzel...
My pal Greg Ingreham who plays with The Avengers co-wrote one of my favorite tracks "Tin Pan Alley".. This release will bring a smile to your face and make you wanna remember all the great music from 1978...

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