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UK band The Razorbax Debut Album ‘Something To Believe In' released on March 15th made a fantastic impact peaking at number 18 in the UK Amazon download charts and 92 in its respective US chart.

We spoke to Lead singer Leigh Bucknall to get the ins and outs his band and the album.......

Who are The Razorbax:
Leigh Bucknall – Vocals and guitars
James Kitchen – Bass and vocals
Jack Perry – Guitars and vocals
Louis Bowen – Drums
Punk Globe: Tell us about the band how long have The Razorbax been together/How did you meet the other band members?
Razorbax:Well we are from Wolverhampton in England, I met Louis and James at school in and I met Jack from playing gigs together but we were in different bands. Originally I started The Razorbax in late 2005 with Louis on drums and a kid called Joe on bass. A few years and a few changes later we finally settled down as the 4 piece we are today.
Punk Globe: At what age did you first pick up the guitar and what inspired you?
Razorbax: I do believe I was 11 years old when I finally got my hands on one that I could call my own. Green Day did, I used to air guitar in front of the mirror to every single song on Dookie. It was my first record and I was about 6 years old...
Punk Globe: What age did you write your first song/What was it?
Razorbax:I was about 13 years old, and I wrote a song called ‘'When You Were You''. I recorded it on an acoustic guitar using a digital camera. At first I just left it and forgot about but then a few years later I found it out and decided to work on it with an electric guitar and BAM! We had our 1st Razorbax song...
Punk Globe: How long did it take to record the album?
Razorbax:Well it took me about 4 months to write all the songs, and then we spent about 4 or 5 weeks rehearsing it all and recording demos in my bedroom before taking it into the studio.

We already had it planned how it was going to turn out.

Once we got into the studio the actual recording process was over pretty quickly, if we got a good take on something then we would keep it and move on. I think we spent about 4 weeks spread out over 6 months. Andy Taylor engineered and mixed the whole thing. He worked his ass off on it. Some days I would go down to the studio at about 1 in the afternoon and he would have already been in there since 10am tweaking things. Other days I would just show up with a guitar and we would spend hours just goofing around with amps and sounds. It was the best experience I've ever had, I learned so much from it.
Punk Globe: Do you have more songs ready to be recorded?
Razorbax:I'm always writing songs and recording demos in my room. But right now I think we want to get out and tour this record and push it as far as we possibly can. We are all really proud of it. There are a few new songs I have written but we will wait and see what happens with those.
Punk Globe: How many gigs have you played/who have you played with?
Razorbax:Hundreds!!! We've played with some pretty big bands like The Wombats, Hadouken, The Automatic, My Passion...; I wouldn't say any of us were fans of those bands though. They wouldn't even talk to us. The Wombats just wanted to hang out in their big fancy tour bus and listen to shit like Joy Division and The Smiths...

The Automatic took all the other bands out for dinner when we were due on stage... Oh well.

We do have some good friends in an awesome band called Sharks who we play with every now and then. We played with Beat Union once a long time ago...
Punk Globe: Who are your influences?
Razorbax:We are all influenced by different music. I listen to anything with loud guitars, loud drums and lyrics that mean something. Obviously bands like Green Day, The Jam, The Clash, The Who, Living End, Alkaline Trio etc. None of that dance shit...

I tend to relate more to the lyrics of the early Jam and Clash songs. Paul Weller's writing in The Jam was absolutely amazing.

Musically I love the huge sonic quality of bands like Green Day. Their last 2 albums sound fucking massive! And Billie Joe's writing is amazing; he is clever with his words.
Punk Globe: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Razorbax:On a poster on your daughter's bedroom wall biatch!!!

Ha-ha, no I honestly have no idea. But I know for a fact I will still be writing and playing music.
Punk Globe: Which is your favourite song from the album and why?
Razorbax:That's like picking your favourite kid...

Don't is the song I'm most proud of just because musically, it pushed us to somewhere we never even thought about going. It's probably my favourite too. Recording the vocals to that song was the best fun I've ever had in a vocal booth. There is a part in the song where it all breaks down to just a piano and vocal, and there was just one word (HOPE) that was just screaming out for a choir harmony. Andy Taylor (our engineer) said to me ‘'man if you had the money you could get a choir in for that one word and it would sound ace'' but obviously we didn't have the money or a choir so I just said fuck it, I'll be a choir. He got me to do about 10 different harmonies, I was hitting notes so high it hurt! At the time it seemed silly and in my head it sounded awful, but when we played it back it sounded like a gospel choir. It was awesome. For all of us I think that one word made the song into something else. I love that song.
Punk Globe: How would you describe Razorbax music?
Razorbax:Honest to god rock n roll music that anybody can relate to.
Punk Globe: You're going to be playing the first ever x109 Festival are you looking forward to it? Any surprises for the audience and listeners on line?
Razorbax:Yeah I can't wait for it!!! The bands that are playing sound great. I am actually looking forward to seeing Kuda Bux. And obviously I'm looking forward to playing our music and seeing all our friends.

Any surprises? I don't know yet. We'll see...
Punk Globe: What message are the Razorbax trying to get across?
Razorbax:Just be honest with yourself.
Punk Globe: Anything else you want to say?
Razorbax:Erm... Our record is out and its completely self funded and self released, and its available everywhere digital download from iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Play, HMV, Spotify and Nova-Caine Music .

It's also available on CD for just £7 from our official site and Nova-Caine Music.
Track listing:
Wake Up! Wake Up!
Something To Believe In
Little Needle
Stupid Boy!
Waste Of Time
Better Place
Rip Me Apart
I Liked You Better
Couldn't Wait
Picture On My Wall
Shot Down
The Razorbax Debut Album ‘Something To Believe In' is available from The bands own official website and Nova-Caine.com in CD and download and download only through iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Play, HMV, Spotify
For more info on the band check them out at: