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"Branded For Life"
By Michael Rys
Lets see now... Motorhead while technically English now for all intents and purposes are an LA band. Turbonegro lost its primo front man, so someone has to take up the fight be the crown prince's of PBR fueled motor-rock so it might as well be up to Sweden's Rawhide. Motor-rock are bands who's music is guitar heavy, Motorhead worshiping, cars,beer swilling,outlaw style music. Think Zeke, early Supersuckers, Black Knots, American Speedway. I love this shit!!! Right up my alley and since Europe has few bands playing this purely American style rock n roll these days Rawhide might as well go for it.
This 4 song digital EP Branded For Life is a good intro to fans on this side of the ocean. While the production on the songs varies a bit making the first couple of tunes 'Branded For Life" and "Out of Track" sound a bit garage like. The last two tracks 'Sanitarium Blues' and 'Through My Eyes" really pull it out and save the EP form becoming just average.While four song is just a teaser it is more than enough to get me interested in what these Swede's can do on their forth coming full length.It's worth the few bucks to download and be the first of your knuckle dragging pals to find out about these guys. Look up the band yourself here-http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rawhide/328048975709?sk=wall#!/pages/Rawhide/328048975709
Pictures from Rawhide's facebook page and Patac Records
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