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rats silo

Curiosity killed this Vancougrr Hellcat when I was at "Bonerattle Music Store" (on Commercial Dr.), shopping for a tambourine & cowbell to polish off my upcoming act with THE LIL GUITAR ARMY, at The Penthouse for "The Nearly Famous Music Festival", Nov. 14/08!!!
Much to my surprise, I stumbled across a copy of "Rat Silo's" CD. "WhatThe Butler Saw"..... I was looking at the Players on the CD and noticed all these players I knew.

Now it gets complicated!!!

Since I, Gerry-Jenn Wilson, once sang in "Black Eye Buddha" with Rat Silo bassist- Don (Bunny) Binns. Who also used to play in "Sons Of Freedom," with fellow front man - Jim Newton. Who is now singing again with Don (Bunny) Binns In "RAT SILO".... I would have had to have been blind, crippled & crazy not to put their Rat Silo Musical Ass' in a sling & enjoy the process of reviewing these Rodents...For better or worse!!! As I Previously mentioned, Bassist Don (Bunny) Binns & Vocalist Jim Newton have already made history in The Sons Of Freedom.
Onward and upward with RAT SILO they again will make HISTORY! This CD Rocks.. There is NOT a stinker on this little gem.. It RULES!

Buy it Now!!

rats silo

rats silo

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