"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> RANT AND RAVE WITH JAYNE COUNTY
Photo Of Jayne County By :Pierre Skene
Well welcome back Jayne!!! Lol! I've been away helping take care of my sick parents. Daddy passed away and now I am helping out with my sick Mum! But there seems to be a bit of time to set aside to do my art my music and occasionally a heated, I'm mad as Hell, RANT and RAVE!!! And right now I'm as mad as a Bobcat chased out of a chicken house and ran up a spruce tree, by a pack of hound dogs!!! All this ridiculous anti co called 'illegal' immigrant bull has me perplexed and shocked at the unbelievable stupidity of a large section of the AmeriKan people!!! For all of U who know ur history, all this will come as no surprise at all!!! What I want to know is, how the HELL can Mexicans be illegal immigrants when the entire South West including the Mexican State of Texas, actually BELONGS to Mexico??? Bet not many of U knew that!!! Yes, white Euro settlers came here and proclaimed that this was the new Canaan! Oh yestra, the BIBLE STRIKES AGAIN!!! They claimed as many still do that GOD gave AmeriKa to WHITE PEOPLE, like GOD gave the so called *Holy Land* to the Ancient Israelites! And that our beloved, Native Americans, (I have Cherokee on all sides of my family!) were the Canaanites! And that GOD commanded them to commit genocide against entire races of Native Americans. The way that Nazi Germany did against the JEWS, GAYS AND GYPSIES! And of course this included those evil non white Mexicans!!! The AmeriKKKan government in the early daze of AmeriKKKan ethnic cleansing, wanted the land that Mexico legally owned at the time. The Mexicans are a mixture of Spanish and Indian. When the early Conquistador es, from Spain, invaded Mexican land, they set up colonies. In time many of the Spanish that settled here, intermingled and married Native Americans. In Mexico itself they *mixed* with Mayan and Aztec. Also many of the so called *Indians* living in Mexico were descended from a line of very old Native American inhabitants. The TOLTECS, OLMECS and others. Many of them migrated to the South West sections of North America. When the white settlers arrived in America there were already MILLIONS of people living here! Including what we call today as *Mexicans!* But what happened? Well, to cut it short, the white settlers came here and murdered as many of the original inhabitants as possible in order to steal their land and set up WHITE dominated ARYAN compounds! They set up a RACIST government that systematically set out to ERADICATE ALL NON WHITES OR MAKE THEM SLAVES TO THE SO CALLED * SUPERIOR WHITE RACE! People listen to me!!! This is what Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did in Nazi Germany!!! White Europeans did the same thing to the *Indians* and Mexicans!!! This was EVIL!!! This was WRONG!!! This set up the BAD KARMA that is now destroying AmeriKKKa!!! You reap what U sew! And AmeriKa has sewed the seeds of oppression, written in the BLOOD of the RIGHTFUL and original inhabitants of this land!!! It is WRONG to steal people*s land in the name of GOD! If there is a GOD then he is disgusted with how this land was *acquired* all in his *Holy* name!!! JESUS CHRIST himself would be weeping tears of sadness and disgust for such an *un holy act!) ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, TEXAS, ETC ETC ETC ALL STOLEN FROM MEXICANS AND NATIVE AMERICANS!!! If this seems OK to you then you are a very stupid and hateful human being!!! Putting Government and Patriotism over HUMAN SUFFERING!!! SHAME!!! AmeriKa in NOT a country! It is a MARKET. A HUGE CORPORATION. A CAPITALISTIC SYSTEM OF OPPRESSION AND HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEACHES! NUCLEAR AGE VAMPIRES!!!! Sucking the blood and life out of the PEOPLE! Using them! Abusing then! Stealing from them! MAKING them *illegal* in their own country! It is the WHITES that are the ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! NOT THE MEXICANS!!! And untill white people wake up and accept that fact, this illegally set up country of The United States Of AmeriKKKa, will continue to descend into a pit of poisoned vipers, scorpions, and creepy crawly SHIT bugs!!! Stealing people*s land in the name of GOD is as low as any human being can go. Right down there under the rocks with all the other low dwelling snakes! And I love snakes as members of the reptile family. But human snakes, NEVER!!! Satanic in all of Lucifer The Light Bringer*s GLORY!!! *WHO TOLD YOU, THAT YOU WERE NAKED!!!???* * WHO TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE AN ILLEGAL ALIEN?* NOT GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! But MAN!!! Murderous man! The Destroyers of Planet Earth!!! May they rot in HELL!!!!!!!! AMEN!!! by JAYNE COUNTY. (End of Pt. One.)