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By: Jayne County
Rant and Rave is dedicated to personalities or Actors/Actresses
being harassed or stalked during the holiday season
Isn't it funny, how some poor sick people falsely accuse others of being stalkers, backstabbers, and troublemakers, when it is actually THEM, who are falsely accusing others and causing all the trouble! They find it extremely difficult to get along with ANYBODY for an extended length of time, so they label anyone who doesn't agree with them "a trouble maker!" These poor neurotic, dirt bags of worn down nerve endings, are CONSTANTLY talking behind people's backs and accusing them of countless atrocities!!! Realistically speaking, it all adds up to as much importance as a piss ants ass ! Oh every little thing in the world is a MAJOR DRAMA !!! "Oh send in the fucking ARMY, someone dares to disagree with me! How dare they contact other people without my HOLY CONSENT !!! And oh my God, some of my friends (?) actually like them!!! And this backstabber is actually becoming friends with people THAT I KNOW!!! OMG!!! They are stealing my 'friends!' My friends like them better than me!!!" SHUT UP YOU PATHETIC PSYCHO FROM PLANET PARANOIA PARADISE!!! Then these over active human bladders produce a long list of 'monsters' that supposedly 'did them wrong!' Among those on the list are people you yourself know or have worked with and find no fault with what so ever!!! But of course now that this person who thinks that the are "The King/Queen Of The Entire Galaxie", finds fault with these tiny little people of lesser importance, YOU are now suppose to help her arrange entire armies of vengeful DEMONIC ANGELS, to PUNISH and hurt these non persons who DARED to defy their words of unshakable TRUTH !!! These former friends and workmates are now to be denied human hood, and you must join their in their campaign to erase any evidence of their existence from your lives! Their names will be hacked off of all tombs, clay tablets and burial chambers!!! Their mummies will be desecrated! And anyone caught being friends with them will be deemed a backstabber! A trouble maker! And worst of all.....A PARTAKER OF DRUGS, SEX, ETC !!!! SHOCK HORROR!!!!!!!!!! Even SANTA CLAUS himself has stabbed this poor done wrong creature in the back !!! Santa DARED to leave a bottle of Thorazine under the tree hoping this pestering imitation of a homosapien, would do the whole world a favor and fucking OD!!! Yes, cause you see, this person has finally revealed to an unsuspecting world that Santa Claus himself is a STALKER!!! Santa slides down people's chimneys, and STEALS their cookies!!! He hides behind sofas and straw chairs and jumps out at small children, and scares them so dramatically, that they never recover!!! Thus suffering from acute psychological damage!!! In turn this affects their entire outlook on life! They grow up being paranoid that everyone around them is a troublemaker and a STALKER!! So they themselves become what they fear the most! BACKSTABBER! STALKER! TROUBLEMAKER!!! So it's true! Just what was suspected all along! SANTA CLAUS IS A STALKER!!!
Well, you know some of those poor backstabbers have wigged out so bad, that they have become warped Fundamentalist Christians and joined some very dangerous CULTS !! Here is what one of them was saying just the other night on FOX NEWS!!! "Well !!! Of course SANTA is a stalker! He wears RED and red is the color of SATAN !!! And if you remove the N in Santa and put it at the end, you get SATAN!!! Satan Clause! And those nasty, people that want to help the poor, and see that everyone has an equal share of all the toys, candy and bad sweaters, THE COMMUNISTS AND SOCIALISTS, they all like the color RED!!! My God, that's it! Santa is a Communist, he wears red and Satan and Santa are Commies for sure! He gives away free toys, he's gotta be a Commie, or at least a Socialist!!! And don't even get me started on that crazy Marxist, from the Bible! The one they call Jesus!!! What a trouble maker he was! Stomping into The Temple and occupying it in the name of God and helping the poor!!! That's not even the real Jesus! That was all made up and put in the Bible by the Communists, to make Jesus look like some sort of Hippy freak!!! The real Jesus started the first Tea Party, and was an ancient ancestor of Rick Perry! AND He was from Texas, not Bethlehem!!! Yes, its all so clear now! The wool has been removed from my eyes! And did you hear that Satan Claus is going to be arrested for animal abuse? He beats those poor reindeer to death and makes them pull a heavy sled of God knows what, all the way through horrendous snow storms. I would not be one bit surprised if that crazy, white haired, fat bastard is carrying a wagon load of COCAINE!!! Putting it in our children's Christmas cookies and lacing the pumpkin pie with Crystal Meth!!! Isn't that the name of one of his reindeer? Crystal? Miss Meth? Oh you gotta watch those fucking Methodists!!! Liberals, every one of them! Yep, all that Mass of Christ, and Satan Claus stuff is just alot of old PAGAN horse shit, made up by those Satan worshiping Catholics! Did you know that the Pope has got 666 carved into his scalp? Carved there by Satan himself! Yep, the End Of The World is coming soon and Satan Claus the stalker is gathering up his End Time Army of, Backstabbers, Stalkers and Trouble Makers and throwing them all into the Lake Of Fire!!! Don't talk to anyone! Don't speak to those troublemakers that are trying to give me a bad name!!! " OMG I thought to myself, these paranoid people are everywhere!!! You can't escape them! They 're even jumping out from behind the Whiskers Cat Food section, at Wal-Mart !!! Next they'll be RANTING AND RAVING up and down the aisle at TARGET! (No! That's MY Job!) And remember------- JESUS SAVES AT TARGET AND SATAN CLAUS IS A STALKER!!! PS Merry Fucking Christmas and Happy New Year from Jayne County