March 2017


Making His Dreams Come True
Randy Linares :
Future Entrepreneur In International Business
Interview By: Ginger Coyote

When I first met Randy I thought he was young, nice looking guy who was very outgoing with a wicked sense of humor. As we got to know each other better, I found out that he is also very focused with going to school, working at Ralphs Grocery Store, along with making his family proud of him for achieving goals in life and making a legacy that people will remember him by. I hope you you enjoy my interview with Randy Linares.

Punk Globe: Thanks for doing this interview Randy. Tell the readers a bit about yourself?

Randy Linares: Thank you for having the interest to want to interview me, glad to be apart of this community. My name as mentioned above is Randy Linares. I am a Hispanic first generation college graduate, or at least about to be. Graduating this year finally, took me about 6 years of college to get my bachelors of science in international business, but I did it. Shit happens. Anyway I have a family, large family, but I love my parents more than anything in this world. Certified momma's boy, but hey I can't complain, I think I grew up to be a decent person nonetheless. Last thing to kind of give you guys an idea, is I love to help people out. Anybody and everybody if I could, I think. Weakness some say, I say strength. I also live life how I want to live life, meaning I, "do more of what makes me happy". Quoted one of my favorite brands, Johnny Cupcakes on that, and is how I carry myself through the days.

Punk Globe: At what age did you discover that you enjoyed music?

Randy Linares: Ah music, I believe I can trace it back to when I was a kid listening to these bands/artists that my parents listened to. I still listen to some of that music to this day. I fuck with that shit. Music I started to personally seek out was rock when I was in middle school, around 10 years old. Skateboarding was another big influence on my music preference so I was listening to anything that would be on a skate video of a professional skater I would admire.

Punk Globe: Who were some of the bands that inspired you while you were growing up?

Randy Linares: I gotta hand it to the Killers more than anyone, but I was listening to all different types of bands, more in the indie category for sure. Arcade Fire, can't leave them out of this.

Punk Globe: You also got into Rap also. Tell us some of the rap artists that gets you jacked?

Randy Linares: Hmm there is a lot and off the top of my head I can think of Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Kanye West (the old Kanye, still fuck with him now, but its complicated), Kid Cudi, Eminem (cant leave Em out), 50 Cent, A Tribe Called Quest, Binary Star, etc. I mean the list can go on, but I was influenced by these guys heavily.

Punk Globe: I know that you like Green Day. Did you like the anthem of what American Idiot was all about?

Randy Linares: I mean there was a point in my life where I did listen to alot of Green Day and I still like them, but don't really listen to their music as much as I used to. My music preference has changed over the years. I listened to American Idiot mainly because it was very popular and catchy, I would sing along you know. Now I realize it was an anti Bush protest song, I have a new found respect for Green Day and the song. I very much like what the anthem was about. America, home of the brainwashed, myself included.

Punk Globe: Did you happen to see Green Day on The American Music Awards show where they chanted No Trump No KKK No Fascist USA in their song "Bang Bang?" Soon after the awards show they did a stint on The Late Late Show with James Corden who applauded their stance against The Tangerine Terrorist and they were able to give proper dues to MDC as the originators of the chant?

Randy Linares: I did not actually see all of this, but I do think its awesome that they used their position to spread such a powerful message to the masses and rad that they credited MDC.

Punk Globe: Another band that was a bit before your time is L7 they started "Rock For Choice" which was very influential for a woman's right to choose what she does with her body cause. There have been so many great punk bands in the past that brought politics into their music like The Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, Black Flag.

Randy Linares: Oh boy you are talking old school... That was way before my time. haha I only have heard of these bands but never really got into them. I have probably heard some of their music, but I wouldn't be able to name the songs.

Punk Globe: You are currently going to school to get a degree in International Business. Tell us a bit of what you are learning?

Randy Linares: International Business Marketing is my major. I've learned a lot of things which have shaped the route of my future career as an entrepreneur. In business, what I have learned is, that it is universal. What I mean by this is you can do business with just about anything and everything. The reason for that is why I have a passion for it and am excited for the future. There are over 7 billion people in this world, and an interesting fact I learned is that you only need 100 of those 7 billion to make a living. Now to me that seems very achievable, so I will be working on that. Ill keep you guys updated hopefully in the near future if you guys are interested. One other thing that fascinates me, is that we are all different, meaning there will always be someone who likes what you make and there will always be someone that doesn't. It's what makes business fun for me, you find your community and surround yourself with like minded individuals and its continues growing from there. If all goes well at least.

Punk Globe: When you were young did you ever watch re-runs of a show called Bewitched? I am thinking that is my first time hearing about Advertising Agencies?

Randy Linares: I did not, the show I am more familiar with the show Mad Men, which talks about advertising agencies in the past.. Really good show that some of my professors have shown us clips from the series to demonstrate how to market a product and sell your pitch to investors.

Punk Globe: When did you realize that you wanted to get into the advertising field?

Randy Linares: That was during my first year of college. I was actually a Literature major, because writing came easy to me. Now a days its a little harder, but I can still write a mean essay. Ladies? No.. yeah so that's why I turned to a different major. I was always undecided, but I did not see a future in writing books and things of the sort. I respect the craft, but it was not for me. Business is what reached out to me when I took an intro to business course in community college. Ever since then its been my drive.

Punk Globe: I have read that Coca Cola is a very influential brand for International Marketing and Advertising. It has a worldwide appeal. They also did an anti administration video.

Randy Linares: Oh yeah. Coca Cola is big world wide. That's what makes it so influential is that it has been accepted worldwide. For a brand to achieve such recognition, that has to be respected. It is a businesses dream to make an impact like the one Coca Cola has made throughout the years.

Punk Globe: Have you been involved with putting together your creative idea's into film or print?

Randy Linares: No not at all. All I've done is come up with ideas on my own, like what I want my brand to represent, the brand name, things like that. I would love to work on some projects that involved my input on things like that.

Punk Globe: Did you happen to catch any of the much anticipated Super Bowl ads?

Randy Linares: I was not able to actually I was working at my lovely job from 5-12:30am. I was getting updated by Siri, that's as close as I got to watching the Super Bowl.

Punk Globe: I did not watch the game but I did see some of the aftermath hoopla about the ads that ran during the game. I saw a preview of the T Mobile ads with Justin Bieber and the other T Mobile ad with Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart which was good.Did you see them?

Randy Linares: I actually saw the Justin Beiber one on Twitter. But I did not get to see the Snoop and Martha one.

Punk Globe: Politics were also a strong factor this year. Budweiser with telling the story about the company's founder coming into America from Germany and it takes a turn into the Tangerine Terrors stance on immigration. Very cleverly done.... Coca Cola had a killer ad. But The Kia ad with Melissa McCarthy was the absolute best... Going against Orange Man's stance on the environment with humor. I know you saw the Kia ad.. Did you enjoy Melissa McCarthy?

Randy Linares: I loved Melissa's work, matter of fact it came up in my class by one of my colleagues. They mentioned how it was unexpected that the whole ad was to promote Kia. The reason they remember the ad though was because of Melissa and all the crazy shit (and awesome) she did while driving in a Kia at the end.

Punk Globe: How many years doe it take in college to get a lucrative job in the advertising field?

Randy Linares: Well not that very long if you are actively start searching and doing things that will help you land a job, like getting internships. The field is growing and so it is not very hard, if you do your part. I have to work on my part. I'm pretty lazy. Im working on that now, but I choose to play video games still... I'm a 23 year old child.

Punk Globe: What other things gets your motor running?

Randy Linares: Well aside from my parents, I live on for those that can't be here in a way. I want to leave behind something I can pass down and have big goals in life, so that will have me focused for a while. I want to be talked about when I'm gone. Make an impact in having alot of inspirations and goals..

Punk Globe: What is in store for you for the rest of 2017?

Randy Linares: Well hopefully a better year that 2016, and some cool business moves. I'm trying to land an internship and pop off my own business slowly but surely. That in itself is already enough on my plate, but we will see what other opportunities I get along the way.

Punk Globe: Any plans on using Flo The Progressive Girl in one of your advertising campaigns??

Randy Linares: I fuck with Flo, so if she blesses me with a special guest appearance for an ad, I would die. She is so very popular and would represent my brand well, everyone knows Flo.

Punk Globe: Describe yourself in three words

Randy Linares: Funny, Friendly, and Real

Punk Globe: Thanks for the interview and Punk Globe wishes you much luck with your career. Any last words for Punk Globe readers?

Randy Linares: Yeah, if you still reading to this point, you are awesome and never, and I mean never stop being YOU. Cause, "There is no one alive who is youer, that you". - Dr Suess. There is no one out there who is like you, so go out there and show the world who YOU are.


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