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The Village People icon, 'Macho Man' Randy Jones, was in 'da house'...actually in "the house that Ruth built"
for a very special home game up in the Bronx recently. And as usual when Jones attends, the Yankees won!...13 to 2.

Back in NYC from his non-stop touring schedule to rehearse for an upcoming portrayal of the possibly murdered Warren G. Harding, American President, circa 1922, in the upcoming film, "Against the Wind", his appearance at the packed stadium with 58,000 fans caused quite a stir.

Once seated in VIP box, word of him being in attendance spread like wildfire. It was an extra special game, as he was seated with 100 specially invited US Navy Personnel in the Big Apple for Fleet Week 2008. Jones signed autographs and posed for fans' cameras continually right up to the top of the 7th inning when the inevitable moment arrived: the mandatory playing of his smash hit "YMCA".


And what a sight to see...nearly 60,000 fans all standing in the Bronx watching some of the most expensive athletic talent ever assembled, Jeter, A-rod, Giambi, etc, and all forming the same four letters with their arms...Y..M..C..A TOGETHER with the Cowboy leading the way on the HUGE Jumbotron screens! With the inevitability of another Yankees' victory worked to a fever pitch by the top of the ninth inninning, Jones was surrounded by sailors, NYPD and Yankee Personnel (pop group anyone?), as he made an exit to a waiting car to bring him back to the Village.


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