To The

  By Peter Welch

  1.Your Disco Needs You
2. If I Can't Have You
 3. I'm a Believer
 4. Sleeping
  5. No Matter What
   6. New York City Boy
 7. Freelove
 8. Rhinestone Cowboy
 9. If I Can't Have You
10. If I Can't Have You
 11. Sleeping
 12. New York City Boy
Wow! When I first read the song list for this CD I have to admit that my initial reaction was "gee, do I really want to listen to updated versions of these seminal songs?" But after listening to this album several times all I can say is that you haven't really heard these songs until you listen to this new CD. Not that there's anything wrong with the original recordings, but Jones gives a fresh, innovative take on all of these classics, and in some cases out does the originals (for fear of backlash, I won't reveal which ones he out does, but trust me it's true). I can only wish that Jones plans a tour in support of this record as I'd surely endure the long lines in order to get a ticket to the show.