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Many of you know Rabind Rawks from his work with Punk Globe or you may have befriended him on My Space.  I was so happy that Rabind let me ask him a few questions so we can all know a bit more about the wonderful Rabind Rawks... I hope you all enjoy.........







-Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview Rabind Rawks. Can you tell the readers where you live and how you got into punk music.

Hi Punk Globe, thx for choosing me to get the interview. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Punk already developed by the beginning of 90`s. I knew punk in year 1994. The first band I knew were Sex Pistols and Ramones.

I have a funy story while I was about 10 years old. Back in that days I really like to wear my Agnostic Front t-shirt, which I have no idea what kind of band were they. My dad bought me the t-shirt. But suddenly, I`m beginning to really liked that band.

I used to like Queen, Beatles, Doors. But after I knew about punk in 94-95, I started to collect musics from Punk band! I`m one of a lucky person, cause I got the chance by get to watch the first Punk Rock Show in Indonesia. And all the Bands was a totally Punk! No Metal Bands. And I still keep the ticket till now!

-Punk Globe: Readers know you best as a contributor to Punk Globe and they love your opinions on music.. Have you ever played in a band like your good pal Barmy?

Iv`e built a Punk Organization called Septictank. The member were quite a lot. Some of `em make a Band by using the same name with the Organization name. and now, the`ve become popular Punk Band in Indonesia. Septictank has a split cd with the Virus band from State. I`ve also have ever made a band called 'Disorder'(Indonesian Band), we were playing the Oppressed songs. But we only did one concert and never play again. But all the ex member of Disorder still meet me. Few weeks ago, the drummer of Ex-Disorder had passed away.

-Punk Globe: I know you have won many fans from Punk Globe as well as My Space because of your energy and support .. Who are your favorite bands?

Ramones,Sex Pistols,the Oppressed,Antiseptic,AMQA,the Pist,

Gleichlaufschwankung ,Cornerstone,Partisans,the Queers,Menace,

the Showcase Showdown,White Trash Debutantes,Misfits,the Fix,

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes,Blitz,Chronic Sick,the Discocks,

GG.Allin,Op Ivy,the Clash,Minor Threat,State of Alert,Jags,

Cockney Rejects,Descendents,the Toy Dolls,Not Available,

Cervelli Stanki,Cryptic Slaughter,Vomit Punx,the Slits,Spiky Joy,

Bored to Death,Butt Trumpet,Jayne County,the Undead,Elloco,

Even Worse,Police Shit,the Scrawnies,Clark Kent,Magazine,

Psycho Negatives,Bad Religion,Legion of Parasites,Schleimkeim,

Left in the Middle,Criminal Damage,the Mumps,the Beards,

Straight A Head,Vaa Dat Kishut,

-Punk Globe: What are the Record Stores like in Jakarta? Is it easy to find alternative music?

There are quite a lot of record store in Jakarta, but it`s very hard to find Punk/HC Cds from the Best Bands.That is why I always hunt Records at the Flea Market. We can find anything in there. It`s just a matter of time.

-Punk Globe: I was impressed that you were able to find the movie "Tweek City" in Jakarta. Is it easy to find Movies there?

 I`ve got 2 dvds of Tweek City. One is Original, and the other one is the Piracy production.. Original dvd in Indonesia is very expensive, about $30 USD. While the Piracy one was only $1 USD each. I`m also a movie mania, I like classical films.

-Punk Globe: Can you tell the readers about the clubs and larger music venues in Jakarta. Do you get alot of touring bands in Jakarta?

There`s no specific Club actually, live Bands always held in some different places. Sometimes I watched some live Bands Actually, there are a lot of International Punk Band whose playing in Indonesia lately.

-Punk Globe: Can you tell us about your favorite show that you have attended?

Hullabaloo 3 in Bandung. I remember while the local Band 'Sendal Jepit' sang Bad religion`s song, Generator, almost everyone sing a long at the stage with the Band. And it made the stage were almost fell. I was really happy that day.

-Punk Globe: How about the worst show?

The worst show was each time I saw there were Bands whose playing, but they were mocking other Bands. Who the hell they think they are?????? I understand about idealism and other things, but when a Band`s on a stage, I hope they`re playing it with FUN and not saying bad things for each other Bands.

-Punk Globe: You have visited America right Rabind? Where did you visit? Where you able to go to any live shows in the USA?

 I`ve been to L.A and Vegas few times. But haven`t got a chance to see any band. Headline records is my favorite place in Melrose.

-Punk Globe: You are an avid fan of Cassettes. I would love to have you review Cassettes as well as CD's for Punk Globe. My good friend Rabind.. Please give the readers your address so bands can send you music to review..

Cassette has already disappeared ! everybody forget and leave that thing. Let`s us together preserve it, especially for Punk Cassette. It`s been a pleasure for me if there are some people who`d like to Trade cassettes or cds with me.

My address:

Rabind Rawks

Jl. Metro Alam V No: 25

Pondok Indah

Jakarta 12310



-Punk Globe: You know about most everything that happens in America and Europe. Tell us how you get your news.. It is amazing to hear all the things you have information on.

I`m not really good in English, but I love to read, less watching Tv. But I like to correspond with my friends who lives in overseas. I like to makes some friends with out seeing the differences between.

-Punk Globe: Tell the readers about your favorite Movies?

It`s hard to choose for only 1 movie. The movies which influencing my life are:

Forrest Gump, Wizard of Oz, 2001 : a Space Odyssey

-Punk Globe: Who are your favorite performers?

Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

Kathy Bates in Misery

Ginger Coyote in Tweek City

Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon

Jewel in Ride With The Devil

-Punk Globe: Who would you love to have come play in Jakarta Rabind Rawks?

Maybe,Someday WTD

-Punk Globe: Do you have any special messages for the readers of Punk Globe?

To the Punk Globe readers, thanks for reading this article. I only wanted to say, that there are a lot of Punk Bands who really good in Overseas. But most of People only know about the Band with the English lyrics. I hope the Band from Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin could develop Soon. We are all in one voice! support them!!!

-Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview, Rabind Rawks. Can you give the readers your My Space address so they can visit your profile and say hello.


Thank you to Ms.Ginger Coyote who chose me for being interview. And for all the Punk Globe staffs. Cheers!


Thankyou my dear friend Rabind Rawks......