April 2017


Raave Tapes
CD Review By: Ron Carroll

The unapologetic garage grit of ‘2 U xoxo’ is a raw and infectious party thrasher, taking cues from some of the groups staple influences, Death From Above 1979, Crystal Castles and The Mess Hall. The track is also an ode to the intricacies of modern dating and how annoying it is that good looking people don’t have to be able to dance.

Front man and guitarist, Joab Eastley, further describes the meaning behind ‘2 U xoxo’ – “These damned pretty people just stand on the wall and people fall all over them. Get in the trenches - get your hands dirty like the rest of us plebs. Open a beer with a lighter. Consume a beverage at a faster than average speed. At least do the damned sprinkler for fuck's sake! WORK FOR IT!

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