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Self Titled EP
Review By: Michael Rys
Boston hardcore outfit Pyscho formed way back in 1982 and has released this self titled EP which is their first effort at releasing new material in about 14 years. They have 4 songs on the EP which by the way, is cut to look like a buzz saw .It has two re-recordings of classic Pyscho tracks, Animal and Religious which do benefit from better recording than the originals I've heard on cassette copied about 100 times already. They also cover GG Allin's Legalize Murder which they actually recorded previously with the long dead punk icon. The one totally new tune Vertigo is my favorite track and if they plan on recording more stuff along the lines of that song I'm all in. Over all this worth the price for the gravely chewing on rocks vocals and speedy hardcore alone,the buzz saw shaped vinyl up the cool point too.
Don't ask me which members of Pyscho past or current is on the new EP though.This was recorded with a former singer who was only in the band for a brief period and now its someone else. Whoever he is the vocals lend the overall power to this worthwhile 7inch EP. On PACATRECORDS
Check out the band here-www.myspace.com/pyschoboston