On The Rag Records

by Ginger Coyote

Featuring 31 Female fronted or all female bands:  all or nothing hc (CA), All Out Attak (CA), Bang Yer Dead (IN), Bitchcat (NY), The Booty Olympics (NY), Bruise Violet (CA), Daddy (NY), Dead End Heist (VA), Death Cookie (NY), Female Chauvinist Pig (CA), The Front (WY), Graveyard School (NJ), Hand Grenade Hart (CA), Help Me Help Me I Can't Breathe (IL), Hyman Manuever (MA), IFG (CA), Madame Morte (WA), Magnetic IV (TX), Manhunt (PA), Midnight Creeps (RI), Naked Aggression (CA), The Profits (MA), The Secret Cervix (NJ), Short Lived (CO), Sister Mary Rotten Crotch (MO), The Strap-Ons (VA) [all gals with a guy singer], Super Zeros (CA), Third Grade Teacher (CA), 3 Kisses (TX), Undergirl (PA), and White Trash Debutantes (CA).

Renee Bryant Editor of  ON THE RAG MAGAZINE , Lead Singer Of  ALL OR NOTHING H.C.,  Head of ON THE RAG RECORDS and  least we for get her most important duty SCHOOL TEACHER.. This Woman does it all.

In between her busy schedule Renee put together another hit filled CD that features 31 FEMALE DOMINATED bands. This CD proves that WOMEN  CAN RAWK..  (No, Ryan Starr is NOT on the CD..) Standout tracks are  "Essential Freedoms" by All or Nothing H.C.,  "Battered Woman Syndrome" Female Chauvinist Pig,  " School Boy" Third Grade Teacher( which features Sabrina another School Teacher), "Killing Floor" Naked Aggression, "Bush Killed Kennedy" The Strap Ons and  "Livin' La Vida Loca" by White Trash Debutantes a hilarious parody  of the Ricky Martin hit. Buy this CD to support Women and good music. I think ARNOLD should buy the entire stock of this CD to loosen up and show his support  of Women, and most important Education..




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