Punk Rock Market

by Timm Carney

I need a pint of half-and-half, an avocado, a bag of Hostess Donettes, a cup of French roast coffee, a huge grinder, a New York Daily News and a pack of American Spirit Yellows.  Luckily, I live only two blocks from the greatest market in Providence.

Kym and John Carmichael own and run the Hudson St. Market and they rock.  The Market rocks, they employees rock, the customers rock itís all good unless you are humorless and thin skinned.  If that describes you, thereís a 7-11 a couple of blocks away you might like.

The Hudson St. Market is on the corner of Hudson and Sycamore in Providence and could be considered the epicenter of the Armory District.  Simply known in the neighborhood, as ďThe MarketĒ Hudson St. is where all the neighbors meet.  This joint is Providence.  Crack ladies and Trinity actors rub elbows with punk rock lesbian dog walkers and old lefties.  Theyíre all welcome.  Many a Disney animator has enjoyed a Hudson St. sangwitch.

Quirkiness is the order of the day and the moods of the staff influence the music and attitudes.  You could get yelled at but unless you are an ass itís all in good fun.  Eric, a longtime employee, once told me at Christmas time he enjoys making Caucasians cry.  We all need our hobbies.  If you have any obscure questions about Ozzy or Judas Priest john can answer them for you.  Kym is punk rock and a killer pianist.  She can also kick your ass if need be.  Moira is young and adorable and was at the coolest underground loft party last night.

The tin ceiling and antique fixtures arenít vintage, theyíre original.  The market has been there forever and isnít that what one wants in a market, stability.  Usually open and stocked Hudson St. is always there.  It was the first business open after the great blizzard of aught-four.  Sometimes, if you are nice and theyíre in a good mood theyíll sell you cigarettes after hours!  Dogs hang out in front by the big pig garbage can.  They donít come in the store.  Kids do though and they love it.  Hudson St. Market sells real penny candy, although none costs a penny anymore.

Product wise the market has it all.  Do you need lemon ginger echinacea juice or some white bread?  Do you need a whole chicken and a popsicle?  How about some fresh apricots and a can of Drano, you can get it there.  But there is something else.  Many people in the neighborhood have accounts with the market.  How 1915 is that!

If in the neighborhood stop by or better yet call up and order a sandwich.  There are none better in town.  Huge and delicious made from meats and cheese sliced fresh, stuffed with excellent vegetables on crispy Italian bread.  Canít you just taste it?

Hudson St. market is a prime example of what Providence really is.  Itís off-beat and intelligent with no pretensions.  Itís old skool, itís new skool, itís middle skool!



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