December 2017


Punk Is Dead:
Modernity Killed Every Night
By Richard Cabut
Book Review By: Lisa Lunney

This original collection of insight, analysis and conversation charts the course of punk from its underground origins, when it was an un-formed and utterly alluring near-secret, through its rapid development. Punk is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night takes in sex, style, politics and philosophy, filtered through punk experience, while believing in the ruins of memory, to explore a past whose essence is always elusive.

I had such high hopes for this. Punk Is Dead has been marketed as a book about MUSIC - it is everything but. This collection of essays is so underwhelming. There was so much name-dropping of people and places and brands that I was completely put-off. I wonder how the people who contributed to this can remember the exact outfit they wore on some random night forty years ago. These contributors make punk seem materialistic and all about status - everything it goes against.

As someone who wasn't alive during punk's heyday, the music and documentaries are all I have to connect me to it. That said, this book was not for me. This isn't about the music at all, but about the SCENE. I had no idea punk was a SCENE. And oh my god, it was just as pretentious and annoying as any other scene you can think of. An absolutely ridiculous, ridiculous collection of essays. This is NOT PUNK.

Ginger Coyote, is the essence of punk. Next time around she needs to be consulted to make sure Punk isn’t as badly slandered.