August 2017


Punk Globe Celebrates 40 Years

Courtesy of Mark Bode

Forty is the new 20... Punk Globe manages to stay young, vibrant and relevant 40 years on... still some of the best articles and interviews in the 'zine world and hands down the best "gossip". Thank you Punk Globe for keeping it REAL.
~ Bebe Buell Icon, Musician, Model

Happy Anniversary, PUNK GLOBE! 40 years , and still going strong! Wishing you all the best!
~ Cindy Wilson Cindy Wilson Band, B 52's

Congratulations To Ginger and Punk Globe! Keep on rockin' in the (not so) free world!
Happy Anniversary!
~ Pauley Perrette Actress NCIS, Producer, Director, Musician

Congrats on your 40th anniversary hon! You is a high flyin' girl!!! Xo
~ Jayne County

Wow, Punk Globe you're turning forty ... and still so sassy and so naughty ... still so current and so clever ... hope you stick around forever! Congratulations, love and thanks Ms. Coyote from your friend and fan.
~ Cherry Vanilla

I remember when punk wasn't supposed to last more than 2 years. Now our children and grandchildren have read Punk Globe. 40 years of radical is an amazing legacy
~ Jim Rose

Punk Globe Rules! OK
~Meghan Trainor

Hola. I'd like to rap about Punk Globe turning forty...
For those of you who are on the rag / all you gotta do is read the mag / It'll stop the bleeding / give you all the punk yr needing /Congratulations on 40 years of a great read / Forty more and God's speed.
~ Jody Porter (Fountains Of Wayne)

Hey Ginger and all at Punk Globe. Congratulations on yet another year of awesomeness. You guys really fly the flag for punk rock over there and do what very few people can do over here. Love you guys, see you soon
~ Jamie Oliver UK SUBS

Punk Globe is essential reading--never fake news, always real shit.
~ Michael Musto Legend, Author, Writer

Congratulations to Punk Globe for reaching 40 years ! Ive thoroughly enjoyed and respected this magazine which has been the glue to the global punk scene for 4 decades … capturing its historic moments throughout time. Huge love and thanks to Ginger for keeping it going for us all !!
~ Tara Rez The Duel. DJ

"Happy 40th Anniversary to the great PUNK GLOBE. Thank you so much for the support you have given my book Punk Avenue. YOU RULE!"
~ Phil Marcade Author, Musician

40 years young and 40 years more...I love Gingersnap, Punk Globe and songs that start with a scream of: 1,2,3, 4!!! Happy Anniversary Gingersnap!
~ Donna Destri Musician,Punk Globe Writer

Congrats on 40 years Punk Globe! Absolutely amazing you've been around for this long so keep on rockin'! Thanks for everything and lots of love.
~ Will Sid Smith Musician, Punk Globe Writer

Happy 40th Punk Globe! Thanks for everything you've given to our shared culture & history over the decades.
~ Corbett Redford, Director and Producer of Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk

"Forty cheers for forty years!! Here's to PUNK GLOBE Magazine!! XOXOXOX"
-Warholboy Musician. Personal Assistant to Cindy Wilson

To all my friends at Punk Globe.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT READS! You serve us old school rock and rollers well!!! I enjoy your stories, updates and gossip...but I especially love GINGER COYOTE! Happy 40th Anniversary!♡♡♡
~ Wendy Kaufman International Spokes Person For Snapple

Thanks for all the support you've given up and coming artists, long may you continue.

Thank you for your continued support and for helping keep the underground punk scene alive! Happy 40th birthday Ginger Coyote and Punk Globe! Keep rocking!!!
~ Julia Calvos Syteria

CONGRATULATIONS ON 40 YEARS OF MAYHEM! Your service to the cause of keeping punk rock a live and preserving our rich history is incredible! I still remember the first time I met you at Mabuhay Gardens in 1977. The Mumps were playing, I was 17 years old and had come up to SF with the Mumps. I was running around in a 1940's nurses outfit, with shot needles for earrings....and as Lance Loud, Kristian Hoffman and Iggy Pop - who had just stopped by the club-watched, you chased me around the club screaming "KATE JACKSON!".... making references to Charlies' Angeles. Those were the days.... and love our many more crazy memories together! xxx
~ Pleasant Gehman Author, Musician, Dancer, Actress, Woman Of The World

We wish Punk Globe a happy 40th anniversary and hope that it will keep giving a voice to underground and up-and-coming bands for the next 40 years ... oh, and to play a show with the White Trash Debutantes someday! Thanks for including us, we appreciate it, and happy 40th!
~ Ty Bordertown Devils

We all are very very happy for you Ginger and everyone at Punk Globe. Congratulations on your fantastic milestone celebration!
~ Kathy Peck H.E.A.R. Hearing Education For Rockers

Happy 40th to Punk Globe and Ginger Coyote. I am proud to have been around in the early days and proud to see your continued success. Keep on trucking
~ Matthew Asner (Musician, Producer, Actor, Director)

Conngratulations and happy 40th anniversary to Punk Globe! Thanks for keeping us updated on what's happening in punk today and for many more years!
~ Kay Stanton Bassist For Pylon Reenactment Society

Happy 40th Punk Globe! What an astonishing run you've had. Here's to 40 more!
~ Darron Hemann
DC-Jam Records

40 is the new girthy. Stay thick Punk Globe!
~ Brian McDaniel Stand Up Comic, Actor

For 40 years I have been blessed to read my monthly issue of Punk Globe. I just want to thank Ginger Coyote and all past. and present Punk Globe staff for making this possible. Best of luck for the many issues to come in the future!
~ Dutch Deadboy Michaels Man About Town

Happy 40th Punk Gobe. After 40 years still a sharp blade in the side of oppression and a needed voice of rock and roll. Cheers!
~ Patricia Wilson (Guitarist For Crack Puppy)

"Punk Globe: Beat wishes for 40 more glorious years to shine your brightest lights on the luminous visionary artists we have,... past and present .. Your smart, cutting edge magazine continuing to lead the pack is a victory for you and an asset to your readers. Thanks for paving the way with your unique magazine and its fast forward perspective"
~ Damon Denton Pylon Reenactment Society

I'd say: "Very few people can say they achieved what Ginger Coyote did for Punk Globe magazine and It's a privilege to be part of that history. Thank you for helping to keep music alive. Happy 40th anniversary!
~Pablo Calvos Syteria

It is amazing to think that this mag has been going for 40 years now. Truly says I should say something about dedication, passion, longevity,credibility, but instead I'll just say yer all fooking nut balls and I love and salute ya fer it. Hearts and Aces
~Billy Hopeless

For 40 rockin' years Punk Globe has been spilling the hot gossip and profiling the best in Punk Rock! Thank you Ginger Coyote for all your good work! To think this was started by a little girl with a big dream!
~ Timm Carney Producer, Writer

When I first saw the book "Loud 3D" at the age of 12, I thought you had a cool name. Almost 35 years later, I couldn't be happier to have just gotten off the phone with ya and to know that Punk Globe, as well as yourself, is still alive and every bit as potent as it was in it's youth.
~ Damon O'Manic Artist

Happy 40th Anniversary and Congratulations Ginger for keeping the flame lit worldwide with your amazing creation PUNK GLOBE! So proud of you and happy to be part of it! XO
~ Jimi LaLumia Punk Globe Writer, Musician

Well sort a wish out. My wish would be " that the flame that burns in every edition and person that writes in Punk Globe continues to burn as bright" this dark world needs you xxx
~ Andy McCullough Rockers England

Congratulations to Ginger on 40 years of Punk Globe! An epic achievement!
~ Jools Green Writer

Happy 40th anniversary to everyone at Punk Globe!!! There's no doubt that the lovely Ginger Coyote rules and rocks the world! Thank you so much for supporting so many artists from around the world. I'm sure this great mag will be getting more and more fans each day and I'll be right here to give a helping hand. Keep up the good work!
- Sadie Duarte filmmaker, producer, Punk Globe writer

I was here at the 30th Anniversary and still here at the 40th Anniversary. More Anniversary to celebrated and stories to be told. My best wishes to Ginger and to my Punk Globe Family!!
~ Ozgur Cokyuce Punk Globe Writer

Happy 40th Anniversary to Ginger Coyote and Punk Globe! Congratulations on your longevity. I am honored to be a contributor for the magazine. Here's to another 40 years ahead!
~ Shawn Stevenson Punk Globe Writer

Congrats on 40 amazing years and best wishes for the upcoming years I wish for all in the entertainment industry much success.
~ Lisa/PunkrPrincess Punk Globe Writer , Whatever68 Radio

You can close your eyes to reality but not memories, and no one has a memory like Ginger Coyote. A magazine as recognizable as Punk Globe doesn't need to prove why or how. While carrying a pair of paper-cutting scissors with a copy of the formatted magazine in her hobo bag to the Chinese print shop in San Francisco, Ginger was arrested for possessing a lethal weapon. Most would have just given up. Steven M. Kalish and Nikki Palomino of the upcoming non-fiction drug crime epic "The Last Gentleman Smuggler" and sources like former Senator John Kerry, Sonny Bradford* U.S. Navy Special Ops group chasing Pablo Escobar for the CIA, FBI and other governmental agencies, former smugglers and partners of Kalish's like Don Nichols, Tammy, Gilbert Rodriguez, Criminal Defense Attorney Dick DeGuerin and more plus the cast and crew (Jason Herring, Ezra Spurrier, David Brackett, Cortney Palm, Cerene Shepard, Mariel Noir, Johnny Ray, Dave Johansen, Brian Kroll, Michael Wuerth, Dusty Wakeman, Ashley Evans, Gayle Palomino, Rob Westin, Alondra Shields, Tate Whitney, Pix Palomino to name a few) of DAZED the film and Palomino's DAZED Novel Series honor Punk Globe's contribution to rock history. For forty-years the divine Ginger Coyote has transformed one dream into irresistible fun.
~ Nikki Palomino Punk Globe Writer, Author, Producer, Director

Happy 40th anniversary to Punk Globe! My sincere wish for you is to remain the biggest, baddest, most ass kicking punk rawk magazine for at least another 40 years! While transcending all boundaries & genres, you’ve always remained true to your proud, DIY punk roots. Wishing you lots of love & congratulations on this incredible achievement. Long live Punk Globe!
~ Patricia Rodriguez Punk Globe Writer, Musician

Congratulations to Ginger and all the gang at Punk Globe on your 40th anniversary !! You've always inspired me with your unbeatable sense of style ! Here's to the next 40 years..
With love and best wishes
~Ed Turner Producer Of Ticket To Write

What an amazing accomplishment, 40 years and a true icon of the greatest years of my life. Congratulations to you Ginger Coyote for making the Punk Globe a true tradition that will be around for many more years! XOXO.
~ Maggie Bennett

Happy Anniversary Punk Globe!! You have kept us entertained and informed, giving us what we needed to hear even before we knew what we needed! Thank you for kicking ass and taking names and being a whole bunch of fun! Keep on kicking! ;)
~ Cornelia Benavidez Author, Writer, Actvist

Happy Anniversary Punk Globe
Keep up the Great work Ginger!
~ Roddy Byers
Roddy Radiation and The Skabilly Rebels

Congratulations to Ginger and Punk Globe for 40 years of kicking ass! Punk Globe Magazine is a place where punk rock musicians and others in entertainment can have their talents and messages shared with people around the world! Thank you for including some of the most interesting interviews I have done in my career. Here's to many more years!
~ Arika Kaosa Writer

Happy 40th Anniversary Punk Globe, the punk Fanzine with class and virtue that out lasted and outshines all others. Still the one with the best interviews and hottest bands, under the stewardship of the Ginger Coyote who finds all the best wild New York and L.A. news
~ Michael Colman

Happy 40th Anniversary Punk Globe.
~ Oyi Keren- Musician

Happy Anniversary Punk Globe!!!!
Forty never looked so good! You are going strong as ever, with no signs of slowing down! Punk Globe is always a treat to read, filled with all the hip shizz happening around the globe!Featuring interviews and reviews of every genre of music, if your cool you've been in Punk Globe! I am extremely proud to be one of the writers for Punk Globe. Thank you Ginger Coyote for all you have done to spread the love over the last 40 years! You are an inspiration to us all! Thanks for letting me hang around for the ride!
~ Cyndi Ford Punk Globe Writer

Here is to a magazine that runs my article's on music and film as well as mental illness and governmental attacks on women's health. Punk Globe is brave, informative and badass. Here is to many more years of more things you want to know and NEED to know about.
Cheers to you Ginger! Our fearless leader
~Janet Hammer Writer

I remember you handing me early issues of the Globe back at the Mab...I remember being honored when you printed pictures of my Band...Big Congrats on forty years of Ginger Coyote's Punk Globe! Thanks for Forty Years of Helping make our (punk) Globe seem a smaller,friendlier more Inclusive place! CHEERS to ya Ginger!!!
~ Dan Mackey Musician

Happy birthday Punk Globe!
You are, and will continue to be an important medium for members of the music and arts community to join forces and celebrate the beauty that is creativity. A steadfast collective for the rebels, the misfits, the punks and everything in between.
You see the importance in music. Looking past the superficial top 40 and seeing the true artistry, the musicians that put every cent, every drop of blood into their craft. The writers that choose words over sleep. All in the name of art.
To the diva of delinquents, Ginger Coyote. You are a wonder. Here's to another great year!
Happy 40th to the legendary Punk Globe !! Much love to Ginger Coyote !!
~ Lisa Lunney Punk Globe Writer

Lots of love,
~ Ad Edwards / Adrenaline Animals

Cheers to 40 great years of excellent interviews and scene coverage to Punk Globe, many kudos to Ginger and her kick ass team and fine contributors!
~ Daniel Sauter Musician, Dee Jay

Congrats from the Netherlands on 40 years of Punk Globe!!! Your dedication to the scene and the music is heartwarming...thank you and keep it up for another 40. Groeten
~ Bitter Grounds!

"Here's to 40 more years of Punk Globe. We love and thank you for all the support for music"
~ Teddy Spaghetty Spaghettytown Records

We are all 40 years older and deeper in debt, not to mention crankier and more in love with punk than ever. You and Punk Globe have been a beam of light in the darkness of the worst times, and there to play when the good times have been rollin' too. Congratulations and HAPPY 40TH ANNIVERSARY to the best ever Punk Globe!!
~ Xan Nyfors

Wow that's awesome ! I salute you and congratulate you for keeping it up ! PUNK GLOBE FOREVER
~ Randy Linares Ralphs

She’s the Lifeblood of the party of 5-star machines, the Princess of Star-Spangled PuNk MaGaZiNeS.. She’s the Scene of the castle, the Queen of all STYLE, and everything AweSome and Raunchy and Wild! Politics, leftovers, Unders and downs on our Luckiest days Ginger SNAPS through clouds with her ground breaking Glass ceilings ’till they eXplode through the diamond mind-altering Gold from the Globe. On page one Susan Lucci, page two is The Damned, a Jello for Mayor, a wolf and a lambasting everything under the sun and the moon lighting fires far outside for society’s loons … On a mission from Mission, Ashbury & Haight, with help from the Fangs she hangs out half the night stapling pages on rages a crazy new scene, and the birth of a star called PUNK GLOBE MAGAZINE!! Happy 40th Ginger Coyote and Punk Globe Magazine!! May this star continue to explode in beautiful light for many years to come!
The Floydian Device Punk Globe Cover Artist

Congratulations to Ginger and Punk Globe on their 40th Anniversary! It's an incredible achievement and Punk Globe has made a monumental contribution to the Punk scene for the last 40 years. My time with Punk Globe was a positive experience! All the best for the future and may Punk Globe continue onwards and upwards.
~ Sharla Cartner Punk Globe Webmistress

Happy 40th Birthday Punk Globe Magazine!!
It’s been a Triple Long Island THRILL ride being a part of this gorgeous, vibrant, interstellar Punk Globe Universe called Punk Globe Magazine… and ultimately, it led us to make a movie all about you, Ginger ❤ ❤ ❤ It’s been beyond overwhelming and awe-inspiring, the sheer passion and enthusiasm that artists all around the world have for being a part of the Ginger Coyote and Punk Globe Story… it has taken this adventure further than we could have ever imagined, and I have been so lucky to have been witness to so many amazing lives and Ginger experiences unfolding in front of our lens… and there’s STILL MORE TO COME!!! WOW!!!! It’s exciting beyond words and I can’t wait to see where this will take us all…but for right now – we celebrate this Mega Milestone for Punk Globe and especially for YOU, Ginger – my amazing friend… One of a kind, always an inspiration… We love you, Ginger Coyote.. Long Live Punk Globe …
~ Ms.Ligaya Film Maker, Punk Globe Writer

Happy 40th Punk Globe! It's such a privilege to be part of this rawk'n 'zine.
~ Matthew Coleman Punk Globe WebTechNerd