Interview with
by Pamela Torres
Last month on Friday the 13th I caught a very special one-on-one interview with John Psycho of the independent shock rock band Psychotic Matinee, who is scheduled in October to perform as an opening act for Mushroomhead. Here's how it all went down!
PUNK GLOBE: Here's an obvious question to start things off. Who are the members of Psychotic Matinee?
JOHNNY P: I do vocals, Chaos and Skitzo both play guitars, Maniac is on Bass, and Roz is dedicated to drums!
PUNK GLOBE: I understand you guys come from the Florida metal scene. So how was Psychotic Matinee formed?
JOHNNY P: Okay, well this group was formed once Chaotic and I met and started writing songs together. We kinda liked what we came up with and from there we decided we needed to record our own material. From there, we started looking for members.
PUNK GLOBE: You've done quite a few shows at New Port Richey's Club Bourbon Street. How has the local buzz been since then?
JOHNNY P: Every show we play has a better crowd then the last; it's an amazing reaction. We also promote our shows by hitting the street and clubs talking to people!
PUNK GLOBE: Rumor has it you've been assembling a brand new theatrical stage show with trained dancers. Is that true?
JOHNNY P: Yes. Our production has grown quite a bit; we now have 5 dancers. We have also added a Dominitrix and her slave for some fun flogging! Real kinky stuff!
PUNK GLOBE: On August 6th, you and the band played at St Petersburg's State Theatre as an opening act for Lords of Acid and The Thrill Kill Kult, which is a big deal. Tell us a bit about that?
JOHNNY P: The show was off the chain! We were very well received by goth and industrial fans and everyone, including us, had a great time. Everyone there from the bands to Mark (the owner of the venue) were very cool and made us feel right at home.
PUNK GLOBE: "Zombified," which is now available on iTunes and CDbaby, has been received pretty well lately. I had heard you are in the process of recording a new album, so how is the sound on that going to be differ from your debut LP?
JOHNNY P: We write it the way it comes out I would say so far it is a little more edgy and pissed off than "Zombified." We used a formula on Zombified that worked well on a low-budget scale but now we have a full band. So everyone has input and the formula has evolved.
PUNK GLOBE: As you know, earlier this year, singer Ronnie James Dio passed away a couple of months ago. Has he been an influence on you as well as Alice Cooper?
JOHNNY P: If you like metal, then Ronnie was a tremendous influence on everyone, including myself, and it what a such great loss the rock and roll world had the day he died. Alice Cooper's theatrics have been a big influence for me as well as Rob Zombie. I do my best not to copy anybody else, so I draw my stage show theatrics from many different sources including movies like clock work orange, Dawn of the Dead (with too many others to list).
PUNK GLOBE: What are your favorite horror movies?
JOHNNY P: I'd say Dawn of the Dead, Lost Boys, Duck til Dawn, Resident Evil and any Zombie movie out even the really bad C ones anything with Vampires and Zombies!
PUNK GLOBE: Anything else you'd like to say to our Punk Globe readers?
JOHNNY P: Thanks so much for reading the interview! Come out and see the show for yourself we always have a good time and really hot dancers. Join us!!