THE PRIMIDONNATIVES - In The Skanky Workshop:
by Anna Pirhana


Any indie artist can easily hit or miss with their music, especially when they take such bold steps to produce sounds which deviate from any mainstream formula. For The Primidonnatives, who blend older indie music with a wall of complex rhythms, their "in the skanky workshop" CD is pure hit. There are songs that sound can remind one of such-and-such band if you search hard enough, but the bandís originality is so strong, especially when coupled with skilled musicianship. There are catchy tunes like "Wilderness With You", where the instruments almost take on an assault like quality as the song nears the end, "Allston Boneyard Blues", and "I Deviated," the best tune on a CD filled with best tunes. The music shifts a bit for "World of Things", the most bluesy track where Jic Davis on organ almost does a turn as Ray Manzarak. Mo Diglianiís vocals are expressive and provide a good blend of humor when needed, especially on "Corporate Boogie", while his voice also serves as another instrument when used as a backup on "Snakes". He sounds like a Boz Scaggs who had been given a caffeine injection, though maintaining a strong bluesy edge. "In the skany workshop" deserves a few spins, even if it is just to hear the witty lyrics.

The Primidonnatives is Jimbo Diddley, Bill Gill and Mo Digliani aka Uncle Bic, the producer and head of Vague Moon Records.





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