by Tyler Vile

Press Black

Ben: strings and things
Cody: mouthpiece
Willis: slapping the skins

Track Listing:

1.The Problem Stu Hoarsey
2. Being Brain Dead is a Bitter Pill to Swallow
3. Recapitulation 1-7
4. 2020
5. Pain Sucks
6. Holy Snappers
7. Veedy
8. Consumer Commodity
9. Front Row Seat
10. Voodoo Boots
11. Wasted
12. Back to the Rat Hole

Press Black

Press Black’s recently released Self Titled album packs a one-two punch of intelligence and brutality. Virulently throaty vocals belt out brilliant lyrics critical of capitalism, materialism and just about everything else that’s wrong with the U.S. and the world. Press Black seamlessly blends together Post-Hardcore and Crust with earnest Ska attempts. DRIVE LIKE JEHU meets NAUSEA with a healthy dose of CHOKING VICTIM.
The album sleeve is a collage of newspaper headlines and a nice little picture of Lady Liberty with truthful statements of our times such as “Kill anyone with an oil supply” surrounding her. I’d gladly have paid a hundred dollars for an album this eye-opening, but then that’s just the kind of consumerism these guys are opposed to.