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"Violent Youth" E.P
By: Rotten
Hailing from Scotland, PRAIRIE DUGZ are a Punk band I first encountered at an all Dayer in 2010, they were not playing, but had come to see the other bands, and on that night i found out I'd be sharing a stage with these guys and the UK Subs that November.
After a good chat a few members, I was surprised to find that at least one member was once in 4 PAST MIDNIGHT, who I dealt with when doing the Health Freaks movie soundtrack. Now I wanted to hear the band........
At the aforementioned gig with the Subs, I saw Prairie Dugz live and was blown away......This would have been a live review, but I was too drunk that night, so I picked up a CD and prepared to have the hangover of the morning after blasted out Scots Punk style.
VIOLENT YOUTH e.p begins with the blast of REALITY'S DREAM, a song which does bring to mind The Exploited when they were at their peak, except here we have audible lyrics and a tune that if it gets stuck in your head, it's gonna be there for ages. The comparisons to Wattie's boys ends with that song, as THIS IS MY COUNTRY has more of a Skids / Ruts fell, albeit with some fire up their asses. An Em-passioned song dealing with how the country is being treated by the Government.
LAW AND ORDER begins with a Reggae intro, very well executed, then all of a sudden the speed comes back up and big soccer terrace chant backing vocals of " FUCK YOUR LAW AND ORDER" appear....I love this track, It's perfect music to get ready for a Gig to. VIOLENT YOUTH to my ears is another '70's Punk style track and SCUM has a bluesy style to it. FUCK THE POLIS (Police for the non Scots speaking readers), Is a fine slice of '80s hardcore .....and next.......well, as you all know of my love of the Sex Pistols.......well, the Dugz do their own cover of the classic NO FEELINGS here.......I normally treat Pistols covers with apprehension, but this version is awesome. They do it slightly faster, and in their own style, without trying to copy the Pistols, and i love it, been playing this one constantly. Its the perfect warm up for the Cd's closer, AMERICA'S GLORY.
So there it is, a great slice of Punk Rock, perfect for an evenings listening while getting ready