October 2017



This month we will only pay tribute to the one Woman we all know and love.... This month's PUNK OF THE MONTH award goes to the amazing WINTER ROSEBUDD aka WONDER CUNT..... WINTER was born in Long Beach, California and she soon started to set the world on fire... She integrated herself into the punk scene... Creating havoc at every opportunity... She had some of the best parties ever in her downtown loft.... Her Stripper Pole is now a shrine.. Now, WINTER, arises very early to make sure her son WAYLON is ready for school and gets him there on time. If being a full time mom is not enough she also designs killer clothes.... WINTER has designed for TRASHY LINGERIE for years.... And is the crotch less pantie technician at LEGGS AVE..... WINTER also performed with BETTY BLOWTORCH shooting blow torches at the masses... She is highly featured in their BETTY BLOWTORCH ANTHEM video showing off all of her skills..... WINTER loves to entertain and have killer BBQ's at THE COUGAR DEN... So, WINTER ROSEBUDD aka WONDER CUNT PUNK GLOBE takes great honor in giving you this month's PUNK OF THE MONTH award......

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