June 2017


Stephen Colbert

Following a monologue, by this month's PUNK OF THE MONTH Ultra Rad STEPHEN COLBERT he became under fire from the tangerine terrorist and his supporters along with the FCC. The Late Show Host made a cock holster joke that did not go down as he had anticipated. There were cries to #FireColbert coming from Trump supporters, who were posing as LGBTQ advocates calling CBS because they won’t abide any dick-sucking jokes about a man who has bragged about sexual assault, has offended Mexicans, Moslems, Women,The LGBTQ community, leaders of countries who are ally's of the USA........Frump appointee and head of the FCC, Ajit Pai, who said his organization would take “appropriate action” against Colbert: “We are going to take the facts as we heard them and we are going to apply the law as it’s been set out by the Supreme Court and other courts." Writer MICHAEL MUSTO posted on Facebook that the LGBTQ community were not offended by COLBERT'S joke and that this was another desperate attempt by cheeto man to divert attention away from the trump administration and their connections with Russia...That proposed censorship isn’t going to fly with the Writers Guild Of America, which has made a show of support for Colbert....So, STEPHEN, PUNK GLOBE takes pride in giving you this month's PUNK OF THE MONTH award...



This month we have two PUNK OF THE MONTH awards the second goes to the amazing ANGELIQUE CASSIDY BORST..... ANGEL is a woman with a huge heart and is always there to help others in need... She has been working for THE MARIN COUNTY MENTAL HEALTH AND DRUG TREATMENT RECOVERY SERVICES... She was recently given an award for her relentless work with the homeless and people in recovery who need help... Her beloved husband ERIC BORST plays drums for THE WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES and ANGEL has joined the band in a rousing version of of the theme song for Maude and The Time Warp .... She recently has been in the hospital recovering from surgery ... We wish her a speedy recovery.... It is with great pride that PUNK GLOBE bestows ANGELIQUE CASSIDY BORST with this months second PUNK OF THE MONTH award...