May 2017



This month's PUNK OF THE MONTH OF THE MONTH award to the phenomenal RACHEL MADDOW who is the the Host of THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW on MSNBC... RACHEL ANNE MADDOW was born April 1 in Castro Valley , California. She attended Stanford University and was outed in her freshman year She graduated with a degree in Public Policy and was awarded the John Gardner Fellowship and also the recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship. Making her the first open gay person to win the scholarship. Her first radio job was in 1999 for WRNX in Holyyoke, Massachusetts soon followed by Big Breakfast, Air America, Unfiltered with Chuck D and Liz Winstead two weeks after Unfiltered was cancelled she began doing work with MSNBC.. She worked on Air America, Race For The White House with David Gregory and was a substitute for Keith Olbermann for Countdown With Keith Olbermann. Keith urged MSNBC to give her own show... Soon she became the number 1 show on the network with Olbermann's show the second most popular.. The station touted it as the liberal two hour block... Time Magazine called her "whip smart button cute leftie." Her career has sky rocketed beating all the other cable news stations in her time slot and being the first commentator to expose some ground breaking news stories... When asked who could play her in a movie she dryly replied Kurt Cameron of Growing Pains... So it because she is the most bitchin' woman news journalist of television that PUNK GLOBE takes great honor in giving her this months PUNK OF THE MONTH award...


MAXINE WATERS is a Strong Black Woman who takes no shit from anyone..... She is the Democratic Congresswoman for California's 43rd district...She is a staunch opponent against The Tangerine Terrorist and makes no bones about it. She will go on all the news programs saying that he Orange Hitler is a crook and belongs in jail. Recently Talk show host Bill O' Reilly attacked her and she came back with a jarring tirade about him... MAXINE holds nothing back and that is why we love her. PUNK GLOBE takes great honor in giving her this months RUNNER UP PUNK OF THE MONTH award...


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