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This month's PUNK OF THE MONTH award goes to renown Film Maker, Director and Actor KEVIN "SILENT BOB" SMITH... KEVIN usually purchases two seats when ever he flies. Not because of his size but for his personal privacy... It seems that Kevin was in a rush to get back to Burbank from Oakland. So he inquired about any standby flights that may be departing earlier .. There was one seat available on a earlier flight so he took it. . He boarded, was seated and had put on his safety belt with no problems.... However before take off a Stewardess came to his seat and informed him the Pilot deemed him a ' weight risk". He was then asked to leave the plane . But not before "SILENT BOB" let Southwest Airlines know his exact feelings about their stupid policies... Because of his post on Twitter about the incident.. Southwest learned exactly who was asked to vacate the flight. The Airlines began sending him apologies with offers of discount coupons.. KEVIN declined all gift offers and suggested they learned not to discriminate... So PUNK GLOBE takes great pride in giving KEVIN "SILENT BOB" SMITH this month's PUNK OF THE MONTH award.



This month's RUNNER UP PUNK OF THE MONTH award goes to 6 time Olympic Winner the sexy APOLO ANTON OHNO... At this year 's Olympics in Vancouver B.C. APOLO won his sixth medal thanks to the Korean Racers who took each other out... Watching the super hot APOLO glide on the ice or do a Rumba on DANCING WITH THE STARS he is a winner... .. He does it with ease and extreme grace... APOLO is a super cool guy with alot of talent.. And he is also very humble.. and did I mention cute... That is why PUNK GLOBE takes great pride in giving APOLO ANTON OHNO this month's RUNNER UP PUNK OF THE MONTH award...

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