February 2018



This month's PUNK OF THE MONTH Award goes the Democratic billionaire TOM STEYER who hell-bent on getting the tangerine terrorist impeached... TOM feels that agent orange has demonstrated mentally unstable actions while serving in the Oval Office... Insulting World Leaders, Gold Star Families, CNN,THE VIEW, BILL MAHER, Disabled People, The Elderly, Children, People Of Color, ROSIE O' DONNELL, RACHEL MADDOW, Women, The NFL, ELIZABETH WARREN and other politicians who dare to criticize him.. Laying blame for all his mistakes and con jobs onto PRESIDENT OBAMA, HILLARY CLINTON, THE DEMOCRATIC Party, JAMES COMEY, THE FBI and FAKE NEWS.....MR. STEYER is donating millions of dollars towards the midterm elections to get the republiKKKans out of congress. So that the DEMOCRAT'S can proceed with IMPEACHMENT... It is with great pride that PUNK GLOBE bestows TOM STEYER with this month's PUNK OF THE MONTH AWARD...


This month's RUNNER UP UP PUNK OF THE MONTH award goes to DIANNE FEINSTEIN.... Years ago DIANNE's name would have never appeared in PUNK GLOBE... But that has all changed. MS.FEINSTEIN released the full transcript of Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. The RepubliKKKan party were dead set against the release of the Fusion GPS Dossier and had requested that the FBI press criminal charges against investigative reporter CHRISTOPHER STEELE. Ironically STEELE had notified the FBI of suspicious activity when following the money.... DIANNE felt the public needed to know the truth... When asked if she had any regrets she said that she should have consulted chuck grassley about releasing the documents.... But she stated that she had a bad cold and was not thinking clearly.... We at PUNK GLOBE feel that she was thinking very clearly and PUNK GLOBE takes pride in bestowing DIANNE FEINSTEIN this month's RUNNER UP PUNK OF THE MONTH award....

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