January 2018



Much overdue and worthy of only one PUNK OF THE MONTH... With all the rumors about the tangerine terrorist supposedly firing him this months PUNK OF THE MONTH award goes to ROBERT MUELLER .... MR. MUELLER who is the Special Counsel with the Russia Probe and Agent Orange's cabinet in the White House.... Rumors are floating around that the White House feels this investigation should end by the end of the year... And that heads will be flying regarding this investigation.....Maybe someone inform the tangerine terrorist and his legal team about the outcome in United States vs. Nixon, in which the Supreme Court ruled that no president is above the law and executive privilege does not protect the president, especially in a potentially criminal matter. So, let's all hope that justice is done... ROBERT MUELLER you are our only hope. PUNK GLOBE takes pride in giving you this month's PUNK OF THE MONTH Award.