February 2018


Pocket Fishrman
The Greatest Story Ever Told
Review By: J.S.

Saustex Records recently released 'The Greatest Story Ever Told' a career spanning, re-recorded "best of" collection comprising thirty songs by Austin, Texas' greatest and longest running sci-fi punk metal band the Pocket FishRmen. These deviants boldly go where no band has gone before with previously uncharted subject matter and rhyme schemes on this goofy yet edifying volume. This nicely gatefold packaged, limited edition 140 gram LP and CD includes perennial audience favorites ‘Amy Carter’, ‘The Leader is Burning’, ‘One Blowjob’, ‘Treehouse’ and ‘Go Out Smoking’ and many, many more. Not for the shy or faint of heart these lads are recommended for fans of Screeching Weasel, Sloppy Seonds and The Queers..

  1. The Leader is Burning
  2. Go Go Saddam Hussein
  3. Big Ass On Fire
  4. Treehouse
  5. Future Gods of Rock
  6. Sex Billy
  7. Priapus Power
  8. One Blowjob
  9. Queen of the Gorillas
  10. Oft Times When We Pork
  11. David of the Merkin
  12. Friendly Chimps
  13. Colonoscopy
  14. I Now Pronounce You Rock and Roll
  15. Amy Carter
  16. Save My DNA
  17. Yen For Your Yang
  18. Flesh Eating Parasite
  19. Bivouac on Venus
  20. Flaccid is the Night
  21. Faces of the Revelers
  22. High On Rock And Roll
  23. Pot Mountain
  24. Half Mast
  25. We Kill Evil
  26. Mommanatrix
  27. Worship Us
  28. Gay Jew Conquistador
  29. Big Blue Ball
  30. Go Out Smoking