Plastic Parachute Soars at the Mint
by Amy Talaska


     Finally a band that breaks the mold! There are so many 80ís sound alike bands taking over the airwaves, itís refreshing to hear something new and original for a change. I first discovered this band for myself this weekend at the Los Angeles Pride Festival where they got to play with such artists as Debbie Harry, Cece Peniston, Lucy Lawless, and so many more. I was so impressed by their performance there that I had to catch the show Sunday night at The Mint just to get one more dose of their music before they hit the road for Denver.

     The Mint is such an intimate venue that no matter where you sit it feels like you are in the front row. Itís also one of the few venues out there where you can catch a talking flower walking around. The drinks are really strong, the sound system there is great, and the performers are nothing short of amazing. What more could you ask for in a concert venue?

     Deb Hooks is the lead vocalist of Plastic Parachute and creates a new personification of sexy. Her stage presence and moves are enough to make even a straight girl, such as myself, turn her head. Her amazing energy can only be compared to Gwen Stefani. The rest of the band played a flawless, tight set two nights in a row. Most bands sound great on their cd but live can never match up. Plastic Parachute sounds incredible on their recording and somehow manages to sound even more amazing live! This is all contributed to the talent of Ricky Brewer on guitar, Clint Johnston on drums, Michael Angelo Brewer on bass, along with the raw vocals of Deb Hooks. Watching this band play I was transformed for a moment thinking I must be at the Universal Amphitheater or Long Beach Arena. I had to pinch myself just to make sure I was really seeing a band with more talent than the majority if the main stream bands of today at such a small venue as The Mint.  The overall sound and performance of this band exceeds any other band on their level. Itís no wonder their music has been featured on MTVís programming for shows such as The Osbournes, The Newlyweds, and The Ashley Simpson Show.

   Itís only going to be a short time longer that you can still catch a band of this caliber playing at intimate venues such as The Mint so you better hurry while there is still a chance! The next show you can catch them at is The Cat Club on July 30th at 8pm. Also, to check out their sound you can visit or Iíll see you at the next show!



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