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Interview By: Johnny Hollywood
Johnny has known the band since April 2009 when he saw them play for the first time at The Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas, NV. PISS N' BLOOD met their current drummer P.J. at the same show. PISS N' BLOOD is based out of Orange, CA. The band members live in L.A. and Orange Counties. PISS N' BLOOD was interviewed at the Route 66 Roadhouse & Tavern in Duarte, CA after their gig. PISS N' BLOOD consists of Ron Anger – Vocals/Rhythm guitar, Cam Mosavian – Lead guitar, D.J. Lara – Bass and P.J. (Parker Johnston) – Drums. PISS N' BLOOD was founded in August 2007 by Anger & Mosavian, and after a few member changes they are starting to build serious recognition as a band.
PUNK GLOBE: One of my favorite bands. If my life had a soundtrack Piss N' Blood would be playing on that soundtrack for sure.
PISS N' BLOOD: (hoots & howls, clapping, laughing).
PUNK GLOBE: I'm being honest. There are a couple of songs that would be on that.
ANGER: We love that.
PUNK GLOBE: Old Boring Rebels would be one of those.
ANGER: We didn't even play that tonight.
PUNK GLOBE: No, you didn't, but it's cool because I enjoy all the stuff you guys play. Basically we want to get down to the bottom of what Piss N' Blood is? So, first of all we want to know where the name comes from?
ANGER: Piss N' Blood comes from… Uhhh, I watch a lot of history documentaries. I've always been very much into history. When I say I'm into history, I'm not into just past history, but I'm into present and future history. In this particular instance I was watching a World War I documentary and they were interviewing an old World War I veteran, he was talking about trench warfare and he said that when they were in the trenches that they were up to their ankles in "piss and blood". I really couldn't fuckin' believe this guy said it when he did, you know? I mean, it's like you're thinking "Oh yeah, I'm watching a History Channel documentary…" and then the guy is like, "Oh yeah, we were up to our ankles in piss and blood!" I was like "wow". It just seemed to perfectly illustrate the brutality of that war.
PUNK GLOBE: So, the name kicks ass right? Just like the band?
ANGER: I hope so (laughter).
PUNK GLOBE: It does dude! It definitely does. Whenever I mention the name Piss N' Blood, other people are like, last Sunday's show for instance, "this band Piss N' Blood" they're like "Dude, that fuckin' name kicks ass". So, you know, you got a good start. People come to see you just because of the name. Pretty bitchin', you know?
ANGER: I really felt it was one of those types of things you hear where somebody is honestly trying to convey what they experienced, and the hardship that this guy experienced was just so incredible to me. He talked about the rats in the trenches and what they had to live in 24 hours a day. It's not like these trenches ever got cleaned out. You know what I mean? They had to live in this shit. When you think about it, it's just unreal. It's fucking unreal. Next question…
PUNK GLOBE: Ron, we know that you played in a band called Lost Cause in '82.
ANGER: That was a very shitty band (laughter).
PUNK GLOBE: A very shitty band, but it was a good band because from what I've heard from mp3's it was pretty good. It almost seemed like it was a little bit ahead of it's time. Especially with all the bands that were happening during those years at the time you were playing in that band. I was really very impressed. I was like "Fuck, this shit's good". You know? In those words "This shit is good", I wasn't like "Oh man, I like this music". No, I was really impressed because to me Punk Rock is that '77 Punk Rock and not a lot from that '82 to '83, '84 style of music, you know? You and I had this discussion a couple of days ago in regards to what Punk Rock has evolved into, and in some way, some shape or form how it just isn't the same and how Piss N' Blood seems to keep it going with the roots that you were influenced by.
ANGER: It's only because most Punk Rock bores me. It always has. Most music in general bores the shit out of me. I'm glad you like old Lost Cause because I like what that band could have been.
PUNK GLOBE: I would say you were pretty good because I've listened to the lyrics and I know you only wrote one song which was Misfit, right?
ANGER: Misfit, yeah.
PUNK GLOBE: That's a pretty heavy song man.
ANGER: I only write from personal experience. I honestly never have and never will write anything other than personal experience. You know? I mean that's the only way to do it. It's a part of your life, and if it's not a part of your life, other than that it's just fantasy. It's not about fucking fantasy, you know?
EVERYONE: (laughter)
ANGER: That's funny you should bring up Lost Cause. I never really thought about it until just recently, but you know the one thing I can say about Lost Cause and Piss N' Blood is that as far as lead guitar goes there's a very direct line to 999.
ANGER: I think Guy Days is one of the most underrated guitar players that has ever existed. That guy is just fucking amazing. I mean he's just total Rock ‘n' Roll, and when I was in Lost Cause the lead guitar player from that band was totally influenced by Guy Days and that was one of the things he and I used to laugh about. Because nobody used to pick up on it, and now playing with Cam, Cam and I talk about it all the time. We both agree 999 is one of the most awesome bands of all time and Cam's style is a lot like Guy Days.
PUNK GLOBE: Would you say that a lot of the style you guys have is influenced by 999?
ANGER: In my opinion, absolutely.
PUNK GLOBE: I agree. I would say you guys are. Speaking of people that I've let listen to your mp3's of Lost Cause there are a lot of people saying "Why did these guys break up"? I've kind of filled them in on the history of what happened, but if that had never happened then Piss N' Blood might not have ever even existed in my opinion.
ANGER: Well, Lost Cause was a good learning experience. I mean that's basically all it was, a good learning experience.
PUNK GLOBE: But when you and I talked about it earlier and I said, "Now I know where the name Ron Anger came from"... I know you went through and a lot of shit with the issues that happened within that band. Staying with the band, leaving the band and why you left the band, all the shit that was going on… You said to me "a few years later I adopted the name Ron Anger because of all the shit that was going on being in that band". To be honest I think Piss N' Blood is a step or two above Lost Cause, at the very least. I definitely think so.
ANGER: Lost Cause was dumped by our record label because I left the band. I was told by the head of the label that if I wasn't in the band then Lost Cause had no label, but there is absolutely no comparison. I mean, Piss N' Blood blows away anything Lost Cause in my opinion ever even tried to do. Lost Cause for it's time was pretty adventurous, but I think even now what I do with Piss N' Blood is way more adventurous. It just kind of steps out and takes charge. It's not afraid of what anybody thinks. It's not afraid to do or be what it is. I mean, basically everything else can just fuck off. That's what it boils down to. Everything else can fuck off. We don't care what anybody else is doing. We don't care whether it's cool. We don't care about anything other than what we're doing onstage that night when we're fucking playing.
PUNK GLOBE: You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.
ANGER: Yeah, exactly.
PUNK GLOBE: My guitar is out of tune, I don't give a fuck. I don't want to tune it, I'm gonna keep playing.
ANGER: Honestly though, I would prefer to have my guitar in tune. You know, In the middle of a show it's really hard to stop and tune your guitar. If it's that far out of tune and you're trying to ride on the momentum of the show, sometimes you know, for me as a rhythm guitar player I just have to put it aside and let Cam carry the show and say "Okay, here we go. It's all yours, I'm just gonna sing".
PUNK GLOBE: Cam does a good job man!
ANGER: Fucking absolutely!
PUNK GLOBE: Cam, you're the fucking man with the axe!
CAM: I do what I can sir.
PUNK GLOBE: You definitely do man.
ANGER: We write all of our songs to be played with just one guitar. We've done that from the very beginning. We've always been a one guitar band. Me playing guitar is just an added thing. It's kind of like the bonus guitar. So if I drop out we can still play a full gig and never think twice about it.
PUNK GLOBE: You've acquired two new band members, two new guys D.J. & P.J.
ANGER: Oh, I fucking hate those guys. Those guys are fucked!
PUNK GLOBE: D.J. who I've seen playing with The Generators many moons ago.
DJ: Yeah, that also was a learning experience for myself man, and I can't say I've found a bunch of warmer guys than I have with Piss N' Blood. The Generators were a great learning experience and they did some good stuff too, but I'm feeling the chemistry probably more here than any other band I've ever played with.
CAM: That's because we like to fucking Rock ‘n' Roll dude.
ANGER: Tito could you please get me a tissue?
EVERYONE: (laughter)
PUNK GLOBE: Then we have P.J. who's played with The Politicians, Wake the Dead and a couple of other bands.
PJ: Same thing as D.J. I haven't had too many people I've felt really comfortable with, playing and having fun and here's my roots, Punk Rock. This is actually the only stuff I ever wanted to play. I never found a band that actually wanted to do this, and they asked me to play and now I'm 110% in.
PUNK GLOBE: When I first saw you guys in Vegas I was fucking blown away. I was like "Fuck, these guys are awesome. This style of music sounds like the music I love listening to. This is kick ass music, I gotta be friends with these guys". I didn't know where you guys were from. For all I knew you guys were from Canada, but I was like, fuck, these guys are gonna come party with us tonight, and that's what happened. It's weird how we all ended up living so close to each other. Who'd have ever known that we'd all be standing here right now doing this interview?
ANGER: I kind of had the same feeling when I met you and P.J. in Vegas, but it's funny, I laugh when I hear you and P.J. talk about how much you liked the band because I think it's one of the worst shows that we ever did. The fact that you guys liked us as much as you guys do based off of that show, it shows that you guys have really fucking crappy taste in music.
PUNK GLOBE: You know what blew me away was the fact that you took the mic and you put it up to Cam's amp and you were like, hey everybody listen to this shit! That was like a fucking punch in the face. I was like "that's fucking genius". I'd never seen that before. I'm sure people have done it, but you were the first I've seen. Like tonight my brother was like, "That's pretty fucking crazy. I never thought of that". It just shows the bond you and Cam have and the bond you have with the band. You're just like, hear us out. It's amazing, pretty good.
ANGER: I guess it kind of goes back to the 999 thing and the Guy Days influence, because I know when he goes into a lead to me that's the most important or powerful part of the song. I want that to stand out. I want it to be in your face. So, if I can stick a microphone in front of the cabinet & those speakers and just let it blaze out over the P.A. then that's basically the way it's gonna happen.
PUNK GLOBE: So, what would you say PISS N' BLOOD's main goal is and what is it that PISS N' BLOOD wants to accomplish as far as music goes?
CAM: World domination.
ANGER: I just want to everybody to fuck off.
CAM: To be the most explosive, raw energy, fucking dominating band ever.
DJ: In your face.
PUNK GLOBE: Money shot band.
CAM: It's funny you ask that question, because when me & Ron first met we were asking each other what we were both kind of into and what our objectives were for being in this band, and it was funny that both of us had the same answer when we asked "So what are you looking for?" and we both said "total world fucking domination".
ANGER: It's true. That is the absolute truth. It's like, what do you wanna do? I want to be in the best fucking band in the world. That was where we were coming from, and it was like well, how the fuck are we going to do this? It doesn't matter. You know what I mean? How were we gonna do it? We're just gonna do it! How? Who fucking knows how? That's not the point. It's the goal. The goal is the fucking important thing. It's like every show we play, we honestly think that every show we play sucks. You know? I mean we really do. We are always trying to be better each show.
PUNK GLOBE: I can honestly say from being in the audience that each show I see is better than the last. Which kind of goes to the next question I have in regards to what do you see going on with people today like the kids? No one's coming out to shows blah, blah, blah you know? For some reason nobody wants to go out to shows. Even a FREE show, you know? It's hard to drag people out whenever I tell people "Hey, come check this band out, come check that band out". Since I've been friends with you guys I've been telling people "Hey, come check this band out because it'll be like a slap in your face and a kick to your nuts" to wake people the fuck up because I feel like a lot of the bands out there are just so boring. You guys played at Tropics Lounge a few weeks ago, I was there and the 3 bands that played before you guys all sounded the same. I don't know the kids that played, but they all sounded boring to me. You guys go up and it's just like cool, refreshing. I was like "Alright, this is what I came out for. I finally get to see a band. I finally get to hear music" and it sucks because growing up I know I used to get excited to go see a band whether they were a headlining band or not. I used to take the bus from La Puente all the way to Venice, downtown L.A., to the Valley, wherever the fuck a band was playing just to go see a band play, nowadays most kids are spoiled. They all drive, but they're like "Aw, it's too far, I'll just go on the internet and check out this band". I feel like people need to wake up and realize, hey this is what it's all about, and PISS N' BLOOD definitely needs to be heard, you know, for sure.
ANGER: This is just my point of view. I'm totally anti video games and really for the most part I'm anti television. I think that all kids do now is stay indoors, they don't have to go anywhere, they don't have to do anything, they don't have to experience anything and it's directly opposite to the way I grew up. Part of what was important to me when I was growing up was going out and finding these bands that were exciting, but it wasn't just finding them, it was actually being there and being part of a scene. There's not a lot of All Ages Shows for these kids these days and that's a big problem right there, but even if they had more All Ages Shows I still think that there's a lot of kids that just wouldn't show up. You can't pry them out of their dwelling.
CAM: Plus when there's nothing but shitty music out there how are you going to get kids to go see bands that suck?
ANGER: Ah, that's a good point.
CAM: Like when I was a kid going to shows, the opening act you never knew what you were going to get and once in a blue moon you'd wanna be there early because sometimes those opening acts would just open your eyes to a new band that just totally kicked your ass, and then after awhile it just started getting really stagnant, everybody wanted to sound like the next band. There was a lack of new fresh air there and I think kids were kind of like "Well fuck, what is there"? I mean why bother when everything is mushed together into one fucking bore fest?
ANGER: Well that's basically what it's kind of boiled down to is that kids have a preconceived idea of what Punk Rock is and you end up with a bunch of bands that all sound the same, you can't distinguish one band from the next and you can't distinguish one song from the next and it pulls the whole thing down into a complete state of irrelevance. I mean who gives a fuck? If all the bands that are playing sound the same and all the songs sound the same it's almost like you should just have one band get up on stage and play for 4 hours. I mean that's basically what it boils down to, and you can't understand a single fucking goddamn word their saying. So, if they really have something to say then why don't they make more of an effort for you the listener to be able to understand what the fuck they're saying, because we all understand that you're fucking pissed off. I mean everybody knows that, that's just a fucking given. Make an effort for people to understand, I mean what the fuck are you saying, what are you talking about?
PUNK GLOBE: With that being said, what is it that PISS N' BLOOD wants the readers to see and hear and read in regards to what PISS N' BLOOD is all about?
ANGER: That's a good question. My first instinct is to say, and I can't speak for the other guys, I can only speak for myself, but I almost just basically hate everyone. I hate to say that, but it's kind of true. I mean, I really do.
EVERYONE: (laughter)
PUNK GLOBE: Ron Anger speaking the truth.
CAM: He's speaking for the whole band too.
ANGER: I think if you were to put it on a ratio of intelligent people to morons it would be 30% intelligent people and 70% total fucking idiots. That's just kind of the way the world is. I heard Truman Capote say that when I was a little kid and I remember doing the math in my head and thinking "You know, that sounds just about right". 30% intelligent and 70% just total fucking assholes. I think the ratio of assholes is going up now to maybe 80%. Eighty – twenty. People are just fucking stupid. They believe everything they're fucking force fed. That's why I don't like T.V. That's why I don't like radio, because it's all run by people who want to ram bullshit down your throat. They all have something to gain from it, and what that is, is they're all trying to make money off of your stupidity. You're stupid. We know you're stupid and we're going to make money off of the fact that you are stupid.
PUNK GLOBE: So, the people that are trying to make money off of the stupid people are part of the 30%?
ANGER: No. Yes, actually yes they are, but they're less than the 30%. They're more like the 1% that run the whole fucking show.
PUNK GLOBE: They know what's going on.
ANGER: Exactly.
PUNK GLOBE: They're the 1%ers.
ANGER: They're not even 1%, probably like point two five. It's probably not even point two five. It's probably even smaller than that.
DJ: Yeah man, I feel the same way. There's a lot of bullshit out there and all these douches on T.V. and it makes me sick of T.V. as well. So, I'm right there with Ron on the whole scene. All the stuff that I own and listen to is dated. It's from the past because that's the good shit, you know. I was just talking with P.J. today about the bands out nowadays… There are some good players out there, but they just can't past the fact that all of they're songs sound alike. I'm really stoked that we have actually accomplished that and I'm pretty proud of that myself, you know, because very few bands can distinguish one song from the next and we do that pretty damn good.
CAM: To answer that last question Johnny about "What do you think it is that PISS N' BLOOD is about"? You're just going to have to come see PISS N' BLOOD play.
ANGER: We're against the dumbing down of society. I'm talking about any society, European, Middle Eastern, Western Civilization especially. You know, there's no such thing as McDonald's anymore, its Mickey D's. Kentucky Fried Chicken is KFC. It's all about don't learn how to speak properly, don't learn how to talk in complete sentences, don't read anything, do anything, just be fucking stupid and you'll get along. It's fucking bullshit. This world is going down the toilet and the people that are making all the money they don't give a fuck. They don't fucking care what happens to you. They're gonna flush you down the toilet and the rest of the world down the toilet as long as they make the buck that they're after. They don't fucking care about you, that goes for record companies, anybody. They don't fucking care. They are going to rape you and fuck you in the ass and throw you in the gutter when they're done and they're gonna say "That was really fucking great, who's the next person we can fuck and how can we fuck ‘em, in the most economic way"?
PUNK GLOBE: I don't even know what to say to that. I'm just gonna laugh because it's the truth. It's the truth, definitely.
CAM: Round of applause.
EVERYONE: (clapping & laughing)
DJ: Ron should get the Nobel Peace Prize for that one.
ANGER: They should come up with a new one. The full on War Prize ‘cause I'd like to wage war against the mother fuckers man.
PUNK GLOBE: I don't know what else to go on. I think you guys pretty much narrowed it down. I asked you what you want the readers to know about PISS N' BLOOD and you pretty much answered it.
ANGER: I can tell you exactly what I want people to know about this band. This band is about personal freedom. I don't care who fuck you are. I don't care what the fuck you do. As long as you're not hurting somebody else and fucking somebody else over then you should have the right to do what you want to do.
PUNK GLOBE: So when people come to your show to see your band play, what should they expect? How should they act? You know a lot of times people go watch certain bands and they act retarded, they act civilized, they act brotherly or they just act like stupid drunks. You know, they just don't give a fuck. What should people expect from a PISS N' BLOOD show?
ANGER: Just be responsible for your own actions. Don't do stupid shit that's going to ruin it for everybody else. There is no reason that you should fuck shit up for other people. When I talk about personal freedom I'm talking about being able to live without fucking hassle. I mean, who gives a fuck if gay people get married? Why is that such a big fucking deal to everybody? I don't fucking understand. If gay people want to get married then fucking let ‘em get married. I mean, why is that such a fucking issue, you know? Because some fucking morons believe in some fable from like what, 2000 years ago or something, that was written by the Catholic Church? Fuck that. It's so fucking ridiculous. The church sucks and I don't care what religion you're talking about. You suck. Christianity, Judaism, Islam. Get the fuck over your selves, you all fucking suck, especially the religions that are trying to convert somebody. If you're trying to convert people then you fucking blow. Buddhists, do you ever see Buddhists running around saying if you're not Buddhist you're not cool? Buddhists don't give a fuck if you're Buddhist or not. They don't fucking care. Hindus they don't give a fuck if you're Hindu or not. They don't give a fuck. Jews don't really care either whether you're Jewish or not. Yeah, you're not in they're club, but it's not like they're holding it against you, but Christians and Muslims, fuck ‘em. They are just the most judgmental pieces of shit. I don't like religious people at all. I really don't. I am so anti religion I can't even put it into words. I cuss a lot don't I?
PUNK GLOBE: I guess that's your religion.
CAM: Talking about personal freedom and what PISS N' BLOOD is about, when you come to the shows personal freedom doesn't give you carte blanche to disregard other people around you and be a douche bag. That's not what that means.
ANGER: Yeah, and we're not into the slavery that major corporations try to impose on people around the world. They talk about creating jobs… Hey, working at McDonald's isn't a fucking job okay? That's just a polite way of saying; hey you're a really nice slave, a free slave. Yeah, fuck you.
PJ: You guys made me hungry for Jack in the Box.
ANGER: Buy the Treason single with B-side song 24 Hour Machine.
CAM: You can visit www.pissnblood.com and buy it straight from us or you can go to iTunes.
ANGER: And we're going into the studio January 23 to record our next single, and everybody else can fuck off.
PUNK GLOBE: All I have to say is don't add ‘em on myspace until you've attended one or two of their shows. That's it. Don't be lazy, get off your ass and go to a show or two.
ANGER: Mother fuckers that are on myspace that add you just because they want to have a lot of friends, you're not doing us any favors because when we send you invites to gigs and you mark us as junk mail all you're doing is fucking us over because myspace blocks us as spammers. So fuck you, delete us as your friend. We don't want you.
PUNK GLOBE: All I can say is I miss the days when people would walk up to you and hand you a flyer and you'd look at the bill "Wow, a couple of bands are playing, I'm there". Now that shit doesn't happen anymore, people just throw flyers away.
ANGER: Now that everybody thinks the internet is the information space highway they think they're going to "make it" off that. You gotta get out there and play.
PUNK GLOBE: When I first started tuning in to podcasts I said to myself "Wow, people don't have to go to shows anymore, they can stay at home and watch the show". You watch these bands play on the internet, but where is the audience? The audience is sitting behind the computer screen and that's gotta stop.
ANGER: We did get to sign our first pair of boobies tonight.
PUNK GLOBE: I think we pretty much summed it all up.
ANGER: I hope this helps somebody. I don't know who the fuck is going to be interested in this, but I hope they get something out of it.
PUNK GLOBE: If you're a real Punk Rocker definitely pay attention to this interview and check the band out and go from there. That's all I gotta say.
ANGER: Oh yeah, that's another thing I want to say, when are the Sex Pistols going to come out with a new album? You're out there playing live shows, put out a new goddamn fucking record. I'm tired of the old songs.
PUNK GLOBE: They need to stop putting their name on shoes and put out albums.
ANGER: Do they really put their name on shoes?
CAM: On Vans. They got they're own high tops.
ANGER: I've never seen those. I don't want Sex Pistols shoes, I want a new Sex Pistols album. Fuck your fucking shoes, I want a new album. I want a new album!
CAM: And the interview ends when PISS N' BLOOD has to load all of their equipment back onto the truck and go home.
ANGER: You're not working tomorrow, what do you care? Thank you to all the unemployed people that stayed to see us play tonight, we love you. You're the ones that are there for the Sunday night gigs and the mid week gigs that nobody else would normally show up to. The unemployed we love you, the ones that George Bush created.
DJ: The ones that fell through the cracks.
Punk Globe would like to thank Johnny Hollywood and Piss N Blood for the Interview..