St Moritz Club Wardour St
London NYE 2011
By: Dutch Deadboy Michaels
Dutch Deadboy Michaels Goes to his local watering hole to find there's a band playing after Midnight.

Its a band, have a- - - - "PINK CIGAR" !

I wanted a semi quiet New Years with old friends so I headed down to see Max & Rodger at The St Moritz a Club that has been going solid since 1963, with the same owner and ambiance you can expect from a long running club that has seen everything musical history has to offer.

The night was full of friends and old regulars that flew in from OZ New Zealand New York LA etc. that just had enough of their families to come to the Moritz, not to mention the London regulars. As we toasted in the New Year we heard a strange noise from the dance floor, then of all things a band appeared!

Happy New Years were called, PINK CIGAR were told. Amused we went to see what a PINK CIGAR is all about. The Club must have literally filled up as we were talking away amongst ourselves as we had to push our way forward through the crowd.The more chords and riffs I heard the more I pushed to see what the fuss was about. Whoops right into the mosh pit for a minute I thought I was back at CBGB's and there was "PINK CIGAR" bashing out Melodic Chords with powerful lyrics pleasing to the ears and feet. Sort of like The Dolls and Dogs du Muir with a hint of The Stooges in the mix.

The energy and power of this band were astounding, the band were confident has the crowd in front of the stage danced and moshed while the gentler of their following were singing the lyrics at the back.

After the show I managed to meet Pink Cigars guitarist who introduced himself as EDD WHYTE , Edd also introduced me to their eccentric and powerful vocalist SHARKIE COTTRELL from Bristol, then on to the rest of the Ladbroke Grove lads SAM RUTLAND bass guitar and Sid Mayall drums. After further interrogation I found out before Sharkie came along the band use to back punk underground legend STEVE DIOR of "The London Cowboys" fame. When the band met Sharkie and heard his voice they decided to do their own thing, and that, they do well! This is one high energy rock and roll band to look out for in 2011.


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