"We Cut Loose!"
Alternative Tentacles

y Carl Macki



Pilot Scott, co-pilot Tracy Cox-Stanton and some of The Causey Way continue on their merry way in this energetic series of songs. Composed with an playful urgency that may be catching. Highly recommended (see sample below).

Included with the original compositions are a cover of a Smith's song " There Is a Light That Never Goes Out."
Also: the late Wesley Willis makes a brief appearance.


Track Listing

1. "Run, Run, Run" (1:40)
MP3 (1.5 MB)
2. "Just Like You" (3:23)
3. "5-19-22" (3:46)
4. "Woo" (2:36)
5. "21 Years" (2:30)
6. "So Strange" (1:51)
7. "Under The Apple Tree" (3:46)
8. "You Are Alone" (1:54)
9. "Country Style" (2:46)
10. "Jules, Jean, And Juliette" (2:34)
11. "Cold As The North, Warm As The South" (2:38)
12. "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" (3:58)
13. "Take A Flight II" (6:09)

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