PHD, Exit Reality, Downspeed,
Grommet, Mind Jakked and Nick Pivot
Live in Toledo 5/27/11
Review & Photos By: Michael Rys
I usually go into a little detail when cover live shows.Tobe honest I cant do too much of that this time. The reason is pretty simple.I had way too good of a time and really let my inner note taker have the night off. Well all the Strohs I downed that night might have something to do with that too. But on with the show.
The oddball act of the evening led off the night. Nick Pivot and The 99'rs form Detroit while not odd at all was not going to be "fitting in with the rest of the heavy acts scheduled that night but are friends of most of the band playing and were welcomed on to the bill. The fellas played roots based outlaw country and did a fine job too. It didn't seem to matter to the rockers gathered for the early set what they were playing everyone seemed to enjoy their set.

Next up from Lexington North Carolina was Mind Jakked. This three piece metal act while still not quite ready for prime time show a lot of potential to grow into one powerful and engaging live act. They showed humor through some technical issues and a punk influence keeping songs short and not indulgent. I'd really like to see this band after they have honed the live skills together for a year or so.

Detroit Michigan trio Grommet took the stage next. And their set was a tribute to their 4 years together and the fans that have been with them form the start.( This was Grommet's next to last show together-calling it done in Detroit the next evening)They could not have said goodbye to Toledo any better than what they did playing Toledo 6 times in the last couple of years they have built up some fans here who felt much like I did that we are sad to see them go. They played some killer tunes from their first three records and ended their set by inviting Jimmy Doom from the legendary band the Almighty Lumberjacks of Death to perform some ALD songs and put it all to bed with Hate D ( Mind Jakked) and Squirel ( Cavity Creeps) singing for Grommet on a farewell version of the song Roadside Bomb. They wen tout with a bang for sure.While I'm sorry to see them go I am glad they went out with style and never ever got stale.

Next Up was Toledo's Downspeed. Now you've seen me cover these fellas here before and quite a bit over the last couple of months but there is reason for that.These boys are all about tits,beer and rock n roll but when it comes to kicking it out .... they do just that. Seriously heavy and a knock down drag out set. New drummer Josh Laforge( Deadbeat Moms) adds more to a band that I thought was damn good with the last guy, but hell what was I thinking? You should hear them now.

Exit Reality from Toledo and also a trio played next and being a fan a women singers in rock n roll I was looking forward to their set. I was not disappointed in the least either.Sarah the bands bass player is a great compliment to Dane's guitar shredding and adds a tough somewhat later days L7 sound to the band . The originals the band played were hooky but rock solid n heavy. I must mention too that the drummer had one of the biggest kits Ive ever seen in a small club but he put every single piece to use so more power to em.

The show stealer's of the evening was PHD( Primitive Hard Drive) from Virginia. Husband(Tony Sink) and wife( Crystal Sink) team on guitar and vocals lead this four piece band and they have one formidable rhythm section too. The bassist( Brandon) was especially on it, playing it like a lead instrument, well let me rephrase making it a lead instrument. PHD played a metal edged set that thanks to Crystals voice had a trippy-ambient feel to it.This band had me mesmerized start to finish and I cant wait to see make a trip back for a show again.

And a special bonus the guys in PHD combined with Squirrel and Gingy to perform a couple of Cavity Creeps songs to close on the night with some Detroit Oi.