JUNE 2015


Peter Blast

Painting Without Canvas

CD Review By: The Gypsy Poet

Peter Blast is one musician that is unafraid to take risks. The listener can tell that based on his album, "Painting Without A Canvas." Honestly, this album is like a time machine that takes you back to the past to show you where music was at its prime. Blast has a fusion of hippie sounds and Rock n Roll. "Painting Without A Canvas" is a solid testimony that rock is still alive and relevant. On top of that, there is an element of euphoria that can't be missed on this album, either.

Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple and Blackmore's Night would have quite a collaboration having Blast on as a co-songwriter because of his direction melodically is and acoustic material has a breathtaking feel to it. Old Cold Hill on the album is the perfect example of that.

"Paint It Black" is an awesome track worth rockin' to! This one brought me back to The Rolling Stones! Blast did an awesome rendition of this song and kept it as close to the original as possible. This album is a lot like a poetry reading set to music. Emotions run high and the platform is arena-sized adding a touch of dirty, low-down Delta blues in the mix!

One of the first things you get to know on this album is Peter Blast as a person. You feel his history in music in your bones and the rest falls into place. Truly, I can see why so many in my surroundings are turning to the music of the past for inspiration. That is a big compliment and Peter Blast fits right in.

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