Interview with The Pervz
by Ginger Coyote

I recently had a chance to chat with Joe from The Pervz.. The Pervz have to be the one of the hardest working Punk Bands.. They are certainly my favorite band from Las Vegas. I asked Joe a few fast questions about the band. Enjoy!

Punk Globe: Give us some background on the Pervz?

Joe: The D-bros are from Texas & I'm from Chicago. The Pervz have been around for 2 years, we played our first show June 14th, 2003 with The White Trash Debutantes & Rebel Rebel @ The Double Down here in Vegas.

Punk Globe: That was a RAWKIN’ show.. Joe, What brought you to Las Vegas?

Joe: My family moved from Chicago, the weather is more do-able in Vegas even though it's hot as hell sometimes.

Punk Globe: Dylan and Dallas are from Texas. How did they end up in Vegas?

Joe: Dallas was chasing a girl & Dylan came after Dallas.

Punk Globe: Joe, you are originally from Chicago the home of the Blues. Tell us who some of your influences are. Dallas stopped chasing other girls, after he met me at the Double Down! LOL

Joe: I always dug the old jazz drummers, like Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich. I used to play a lot of Police records too & of course there's Moonie & John Bonham.

Punk Globe: Great Influences Joe. Where Exactly Is Dallas and Dylan From in Texas? There is a lot of blues in Texas. Tell the readers about their Influences?

Joe : They're from Galveston. They’re influenced by The Ramones, The Clash, Misfits, Bowie & The Stooges.

Punk Globe: So much for the blues influences. How did you all hook up in Vegas? Was it thru ads or word of mouth?

Joe: The D-bros answered my ad on a local music scene website.

Punk Globe: Tell us about your first show?

Joe: Our first show was a rocker! It was a blast to play with the WTD's & Rebel Rebel!

Punk Globe: I remember when we played with The Pervz at the Double Down I was bowled away by all the raw energy the band had. . Joe, you kick MAJOR ASS on drums. You have so much endurance. The suits you wore reminded me a bit of The Jam. I loved the Zeppelin cover. I loved it all… very impressive!

Joe: Why thank you very kindly!

Punk Globe: You won the Las Vegas Weekly's readers poll two years straight for Best Punk Band. Not too fucking shabby! Congratulations!

Joe: We've been hittin' it pretty hard, so it's nice to see some things pay off.

Punk Globe: You have been touring alot. You recently were in the Northwest How was it? I am sure you kicked ass at every show. Portland has such a strong music scene, how was your show there?

Joe: It was pretty cool! The Portland show rocked & we were pretty well received everywhere we played.

Punk Globe: What has been your Favorite Show thus far in your career?

Joe: That's a tough one; we've played over 100 shows so far. OC always rocks but I think Portland on our last tour was one of the best - the people there were going crazy!

Punk Globe: I know that The Pervz have tried hard to get more “ all ages shows” in Vegas. Las Vegas seems so 21+ with the casino’s and gaming. How is the “all ages” shows going?

Joe: It's tough. Any time they have one, something happens & they close it down. We're planning another desert show this summer.

Punk Globe: How is music scene in Las Vegas? I know The Double Down and The Cooler are consistent. Any other clubs that have started up, that I do not know? I know Ivy does her best to support the scene.

Joe: This is a strange town for live music. The punk/rock scene is really limited, that's why we travel every chance we get.

Punk Globe: Speaking of the Double Down. You wrote the theme music for the TV show "Drinking with Moss" how is that going?

Joe: I guess there are 3 or 4 episodes "in the can". I think Matthew from Face Productions is still shopping the show. We heard something about UPN, but we're still waiting.

Punk Globe: I am looking forward for the show On July 23 for the World West Memphis Three Awareness Day @ The Anarchy Library in Downey, CA. How long have you been a WM3 supporter?

Joe: Within the last year, we kind of became involved in their cause. We've donated merch to a raffle that Tammy had.

Punk Globe: I sure hope that those young men will get a fair trial. They have certainly gotten alot of grassroots support. Tammy wants to get someone to film the event. As the Producers of "Paradise Lost 3" want to include all the events in the movie.

Joe: That would be cool!

Punk Globe: What does the future hold for The Pervz? Any recording, tour plans?

Joe: We plan on recording our 2nd full length CD this summer. An east coast tour is in the works & hopefully Europe too.

Punk Globe; Any last comments?

Joe: "Now yous can't leave" (one of our favorite quotes from a Bronx Tale) Spread the word, let the word be heard - the word is The Pervz! Thanks Ginger!!

The Pervz

Please check out their website and look for an upcoming Pervz show in your area. For people in southern CA be sure to go to the WM3 show at The Anarchy Library in Downey, CA on July 23.


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