By Kim Acrylic


Perfume's debut EP "Noize" is pure bliss rock.


William Clark (throat noises, stringed instruments, words)

Justin Rudd (percussion, raddness, sex appeal)

Make a great duo of Grunge, Noise and Old School Alternative.

With a rockin' guitar, Clark sings with a throaty rasp that's also very velvety, gentle and sensitive sounding.VERY easy on the ears!

Imagine Nirvana on Quaalude's and you got Perfume.Although they are also VERY original, they have so much talent that when the CD ends I crave more! And the song Titles are beautiful and creative as "Pretty Pixie Dusted","Wonderful" and "Heartbeat" you can just tell this band has a soft side and is beyond all the rock n roll cliche rough guy act.

The first track "Heartbeat" is a real rocker with great drumming and vocals scratchy and sexy. This is one of those albums Ive listened to over and over and am proud to now have on my I tunes collection and I think you will too.

Power pop Grunge love child's Perfume is by far the best thing to happen to nostalgic rock. The songs are catchy, sing along able yet rough and dirty...very raw! A must buy for any rock fan!!!