Perfect Union
by Lois Dolan

I would like to think I have an eye for talent.. I met Perfect Union on My Space and was very impressed by their sincerity and ambition.. I adore these boys... Here is my interview with them.  I hope you enjoy it.

Lois Dolan

Punk Globe: Tell Me About Perfect Union?

We are a local band in Northern VA. We play Alternative/"Grunge" style with a splash of Beatles/60's pop. We are a very young band (members are 15, 17, and 18) who love to rock out. We jam at our Drummer's (Tristan) house 2-3 times a week, and love every second of it.

Punk Globe: How Long Has The Band Been Together?

We have been together not very long at all. Tristan and Matt have been jamming together for a year or so; we played a show without a bassist. Billy joined in the fall of 2004; that would make the band 7 months old or so. Once we got together, everything clicked; hence the name, Perfect Union.

Punk Globe: Tell The Readers a Little About The Members of Perfect Union...

Matt - Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter. He's been playing guitar ever since his bi-polar problem started. After this, he wrote songs and self medicated himself with drugs. He originally started off playing guitar left handed but switched to right handed. He plays multiple instruments and enjoys the company of his angel-like girlfriend. Always enjoys writing and playing with the group. . Tristan - Drummer. He is the 'wild-child' of the group. He spends his free time playing X-Box, going to Starbucks with Matt, and hanging out with his girlfriend. He is the 'pretty boy' of the group. He used to be an emo/pop-punk boy before we corrupted him. We feel honored to have him as a drummer; he's very, very talented, as well as the rest, at what he does best...Drumming. Billy - Bassist. He loves to funk it out while him and Tristan are waiting for Matt. Hes a hard worker for Ruby Tuesday's. In the earlier days (every year before this one) he was a rebellious, drug-using teenager. He spends most of his free time either hanging out with his girlfriend, friends, or playing a spiffy game call Final Fantasy 11 (such a nerd). He's the 'controlled' person of the group, and will most likely manage the band; hes a business man :-p

Punk Globe: Who Are Your Musical Influences?

The biggest influence should be apparent; Nirvana. Another big influence would be the 1960's pop legend, The Beatles. This mostly influences the music, and some lyrics. Other lyrical influences would be The Cure, The Replacements, and Elliot Smith.

Punk Globe: How Many Shows Has Perfect Union Played?

Since we haven't been around that long, we haven't played too many shows. To date, we've played live 4 times, and loved every time. We've played at one nationally known venue, Nation. The rest were local shows, and very small venues.

Punk Globe: Tell Me About Your Favorite Show You Have Played?

My (Billy) personal favorite was at Nation. It was our first show together, and we were all excited. We started off well, besides me being a little out of tune. On, I think, our 3 song, I busted my A (3rd) string; a very crucial string, not as crucial as the E (4th) string though. We finished out the song we were playing, and then started to play another one when our friends band's (Kill the Car) bassist lent me his bass; great recovery. All in all we had a bad ass time, besides being there from 9AM till 3PM, when we actually went on.
My (Matt), favorite show is also nation. It was a really cool venue and I liked how smoky it was. I could just sit and have a cigarette right indoors after the set. Also great lighting.
My (Tristan) favorite was also Nation. The other two basically summed it up.

Punk Globe: Does Perfect Union Have Any Recordings Out?

Yes. We have a single of our song Shade of Orange. It is a up-beat song about trying to help a friend that is struggling with problems; it was written while on drugs. We will have a full-length LP out shortly. We are going into the studio May 14th, and the album should be out shortly there after.

Punk Globe: What Label Is It On?

No label. Everything is paid for out of out pockets. We are trying to get a label; it would make things much easier. We would like to get signed on either Interscope or Kill Rockstars, but would basically take anything at this point if its a good deal. *wink wink, hint hint*

Punk Globe: Any Plans For Future Recording and Touring?

As I've said before, we will be going into the studio on May 14th to cut an album. We definitely want to start touring; first around the local tri-state, Metro-DC area, then eventually the East Coast and further west. 2 of the 3 members are still in High School, so at this point touring far isn't even an option.

Punk Globe: Any Last Comments?

If you've never heard of us, you should check us out. If you live far away, you can go to or Either one has songs and info about us. And I just wanted to say thank you for this interview. Matt is especially appreciative of what Lois has done for us. She's a sweet lady in a shady business. Good luck to this magazine and keep in touch with us.


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