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From Japan
By: Ginger Coyote
Members of PEOPLE JAM Are:
Hiroki Jikuhara (Gt,Vo,Synth)
Kenichi Kadonisi (Dr)
Toshihito Mizuno(Gt)
Eiichi Thomuro(Bass)
In the early beginnings of People Jam in 2005 they were a psychedelic band. But as time went by then began inviting several other members to join the band along with having various guests play with them. They were a band that had no boundaries as far as how music was to be expressed. Their music turned more to a mix of rock,soul,funk and jazz.
But with musical influences that kept evolving the band since their formation in 2005. The People Jam began combining more musical styles to the mix- punk,noise and their original psychedelic sound..
Their live performances pay great respect to the many various musical styles they incorporate into their sound... They do live shows in jazz, funk, and rock venues throughout Japan.
The People Jam played and sponsored the first ever event "JAMSTAND" in spring of 2006. The concept of JAMSTAND was about bringing all types of musicians together. Combining all of the good quality music that Japanese culture has to offer.. JAMSTAND also proved not to stereotype musical genres. It was a great success..
With the addition of new member Toshihito Mizuno in 2007 they released their first album in 2009.
Here are a few of PEOPLE JAM influences......
Primal Scream
Kula Shaker
Massive Attack
Chemical Brothers
Little Barrie
Iggy Pop
Sly&The Family Stone
Jimi Hendrix
Betty Davis
John Butler Trio
The Black Crowes