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By: UltimateBandGirl
Hello everyone! UltimateBandGirl here to review Paul Shortino's The Cutt Sacred Place for you. The album was produced by Paul Shortino and J.T. Garrett. Was distributed through MusicWorks Entertainment. Shortino was the front-man for bands Rough Cutt and Quiet Riot. Shortino has had a diverse string of independent projects over the last two decades. Shortino's vocal style is in the same tradition as Paul Rodgers and Robert Plant who Shortino say's are two of his hero's. Shortino works developing and producing artist for MusicWorks Entertainment and it's label RockQuarry records Shortino was a co-founder in 1997 with his close friend and fellow musician J.T. Garrett. Most recently Shortino was on "Send In The clowns For CarrotTop" with Vinnie Paul, DimeBag Darrell's Brother on drums. Shortino said the experience was "Crazy and Rockin!" Howard Leese also appears on the album with Shortino. Leese was an original member of Heart and retired a few years ago after he was bought out. Leese currently tours with paul Rodgers frequently. Leese has also been the guitarist for Bad Company from August 2008 until the present. The album opens up very fierce with strong guitars and haunting vocals in the track "Sacred Place. Than in "Up To The Mountain" We get a more powerful uplifting and moving song that has a rock n roll gospel ring all through it. "I Believe" is a beautiful ballad that also hits heavy and hard. Is a well crafted gem. "Feel The Rain" Is one of those big songs that you can just feel coming right at you I get slight reminders of a young Chris Cornell in Temple Of the Dog or Soundgarden. "Speak Your Mind" is a more heavier rock song that makes you want to get up dance and sing along. "Be there" Is one of those touching more emotional songs and is more keyboard based and has much softer guitar tracks than the previous songs on the album. "Get Down To Get Back up" picks up the pace in this more southern rock number I can just hear in my head in a honky tonk near you. "Love Keep On Shinin'" Strong keyboard opening and is a rock n roll love song that makes me think of summer bar-b-q's, luaus and the beach. This song is one of those numbers that you can really dance to and have a good time. "Change Your Heart" a little heavier of a rock song. "Feel The Music" has a more mystical and ethereal quality to it. "Angel" has a slight 80's feel to it and is a wonderful power ballad.The Album ends with a video version of "I Believe" I really enjoyed Paul Shortino's The Cutt Sacred Place. it really has a good vibe to it. The songs all are diverse in styles and flow together very well. Powerful guitar tracks and the vocals are stunning. I do not say this about very many albums at all but it flows so well that when the album ends I go what it's over already.
You can find Paul Shortino at http://www.paulshortino.com/
or at http://musicworks1.com/

Shortino's music can be purchased on i-tunes or contact him directly on his facebook page