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Patty with WTD
Former White Trash Debutantes Vocalist
PUNK ROCK PATTY PIERCE has passed away. 
The cause of death was due was to pulmonary problems..

When she sang  the song, "I Wanna Party," she was always so happy
with the response she received.. 

"You are so cool," "I Wish My Grandma Was Like You"  --  
not to mention catching the eye of more than one

ardent admirer ...  She left a trail of broken hearts and many fond memories...

Patty 2

PATTY held the title of being one of the
"World's Oldest People
To Perform In a Punk Rock Band." 
Her appearances on the "Jerry Springer Show" and "Talk Soup," 
along with articles in the National Enquirer, TV Guide, Globe, Newsweek,
along with numerous other publications, made her legendary..   

PATTY 3       patty 4

Along with Patty's passing, came the news of Punk Icon LUX INTERIOR,
lead singer of THE CRAMPS,
 and former CODE OF HONOR'S vocalist JONATHIN CHRIST
and their untimely deaths due to heart failure..
All three will remain in our hearts and memories...


Punk Rock Patty on Jerry Springer

Carol Pacas, Patty's daughter -- Punk Rock Patty is in heaven now rocking and rapping her heart out and having a ball . My mother is finally happy and I hope reunited with her daughters, her mom and all her husbands. Tears are still flowing over my loss. I loved my mom aka Punk Rock Patty more than any one could know. Only mom knew how much. Rock on mom and know how proud  I am of you. Thanks for all the memories. Even when I recorded you snoring you laughed. I hope heaven knows what a true angel you are. Our loss and heaven's gain -- rest in peace, mom.

Your loving daughter,


13 kisses mom you understand.

Wendy Kaufman
She had so much spunk and spirit....I was laughing my ass off watching.
I will say a prayer for her today.
At least she knew how to have fun in her life!!

Hi Ginger, 
I created this recipe for Punk Rock Patty. 
She was a great grand dame.  We all will miss her.

Here is the link to the radio show for PUNK ROCK PATTY
We talked about Patty and played WTD's I wanna Party.

Radio show archive will be up this week

 More about back stage gourmet.

Love, Kathy Peck

"Kathy told me Punk Rock Patty had passed away.   Yes a sad moment in time
well wishes to all missing her...."
David Denny


Susan Anton 
R.I.P.-- Punk Rock Patty! Gone but NOT forgotten
Thank you for your condolences. You are very sweet. I know you understand.
____________                 ____________________________                                  ___

Long Live PUNK ROCK PAT!!!!...(RIP)....Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Mourns the passing of a "White Trash Debutante" Legend!!!...Punk Rock Pat moved me with her "Flamingo Pink" hair & "No Holds Barred" attitude on stage!!...I still have the "GRANNY IS A PUNK ROCKER!!!" National Enquirer article in my "Hall of Fame!!!!"....Viva La PUNK ROCK PAT & PUNK GLOBE MAGAZINE!!!!....Gerry-Jenn & The JP5ers,.....X!

Remember when we stayed with Leo DiCaprio's parent's house in L.A.? What a motley crew! I played the CD the other day with "I Wanna Party." Such fun! Punk Rock Pat was the best, she will be missed. She had more energy than some of the 20somethings we had in that band. Oh, and the hash brownies she had... those were the days!
Sorry to read the sad news. The loss of one is a loss to us all. Take heart,
is rocking out in punk rock'n roll heaven now. I hear they have a Hell of a backing band.

In sympathy,
Spyder & Detox Darlings

Dennis White
Ginger Coyote sent me the news that Punk Rock Patty has died.
If you ever met Patty, you knew what a hell of a lot of fun she was, and what an inspiration.
I'm not sure but I think she was 90 or 91 years old when she passed away.

R.I.P. Punk Rock Patty.

Cool Video! RIP PATTY
Shanne, Shane and The Nipple Erector

Roby Williams

R.I.P. Punk Rock Patty

Punk Rock Patty -- How is the scotch and milk in heaven?
She was a dreamboat!


sorry about the loss... fuck.



sorry to hear about your loss


OH NO! This is sad news...Punk Rock Patty was a MAJOR inspiration.
We should all be so lucky to have the full life that she had right up to the end.
She always danced like no one was watching, a true rebel with a cause.
Patty did as she darn well pleased, and set an excellent example for the rest of us.
She rocked harder than some of my friends in their 20's! I'm so sorry,
Ginger, I know you were very close friends with Patty. She will be missed, and forever remembered.

Extra love to you,


I am very sorry for your loss.
Joe Milliken

We're so sorry, Ginger. Please know you are loved very much by the two of us and if you need anything,
 please let me know!
Our prayers are with you and her and all your friends/family.

Michael & Pauley

God, Patty was a living doll! Thanks for sharing Ginger. xoxo,daryl
This is such sad news.  Thank you for letting me know Ginger.
I have some photos I'll have to scan.  She had a long life, how old was she?
Jim Lucio
Our Hearts are with you and Patty's Family
 We Love You,
Bebe and Jim
Oh No! I loved Patty...She was a Special Lady..
Jonathan Gries
_________________________________________________                           __
Sorry for your loss.

          All hail Punk Rock Pat. She was the one and only....
My heart goes out to Ginger    

I am so sorry to hear that, Ginger.
What a loss for her family, you and the band...
May she rest in peace...
xo  Ruby Ray

Rikk Agnew
The Adolescents
I am very saddened to hear this. I will keep Her in My prayers.
I am very happy that I got to meet Her and party with Her in Portland @ the Punk Rock Fest.
Steven Rintoul


Lynne H-mann

awwww... the passing of a great lass. RIP Patty.


i got to know Patty, while i was working at kaiser emergency,
she was absolutely my favorite patient. sad to hear she passed. GODSPEED, PATTY.

Mitzi Spallas
Hey Punk Rock Patty! I hope you are partyin' up there in punk rock heaven with my punk rock friends who were no doubt there to greet you....Stiv Bators, Frankie Fixx, Brittley Black, Brian Marnell, Fast Floyd, Bobby Boles, and Roberto Vazquez! And with all of the punk rock legends that have gone on before you that I didn't know but loved....Dee Dee, Joey and Johnny Ramone, Johnny Thunders, Lux Interior, Ian Dury, Sid Vicious, Joe Strummer, Darby Crash and many, many more....you are joining one hell of a lineup!
Rock On Granny Patty!!!

Cheryl Selapack

Punk Rock Patty was the coolest Gramma.  I remember her taking us as kids to Montour Falls and Watkins Glenn. She would come to Buffalo in the summer to visit us. she traveled all over the map. she loved camping and horseback riding. I will always remember her kindness and her ability to explain things we didn't understand. We will all miss her dearly I remember Jerry Springer and the band we had such a good time in Chicago doing the show. Gramma Pat we all miss you I'm sure your singing and rapping up in heaven keeping the Angels smiling. until we meet again.
 Love Cheryl

Here's a link to an obitiuary of Patty in
Baltimore Out Loud
-- http://www.baltimoreoutloud.com/lgbt-news/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=621

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