July 2017


Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders
Blood & Treasure
Rankoutsider Records
CD Review By: Jaime Pina

Pat Todd has remained a fixture in the Los Angeles music community through the many ups and downs of the scene and has stayed true to his vision of Rock N’ Roll the whole time. Relocating from Indiana to Southern California Pat had been the front man of The Lazy Cowgirls for years and played some wild and raucous shows at venues like the Music Machine and Hollywood Moguls. After keeping the band going long after the original members had split Pat folded the Cowgirls, found some great new players and started up the Rankoutsiders.

The sound hasn’t changed all that much from the Cowgirls although Pat does manage to get in some acoustic guitar parts and even a bit of Bluegrass into the mix with this band. Two of Pat’s favorite bands are the New York Dolls and the Rolling Stones and in these songs you will hear lots of Johnny Thunders and Keith Richards in the guitar licks. The opening track, “This Counterfeit World”, sounds like it would not be out of place on a Cowgirls record. Founding member of SPARKS Earle Mankey provides some down and dirty harmonica on “Sugar Coated Love” and “I Hear You Knockin’”. The band moves into a bluegrass vibe on “The Fast Kendall County Blues”. The band shifts gears from rock to down and out blues with little or no effort and keeps it all in line. And with Pat singing his ass off in front of a band that is a juggernaut of American roots styles, it is a tasty concoction of high velocity fun.

Since they have been playing steadily for years now most Cowgirls fans know of the band but if you are one of the few who don't they have recorded some great records with the Cowgirls' vibe intact. Lyrically, Pat can still write songs about having a cynical outlook on love. This is full on saloon-style rock n’ roll blues and it satisfies like a nice shot of whisky after a hard day.

Sklubby –Debut Album Available August 11th