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Parody Artist

One thing I adore in music is parody, I love a laugh, especially when it involves music, So when Chicago based parody artist BS popped into my mailbox, I was definitely gonna sit up and take notice. Currently promoting his current Maxi-single COUGAR, a Rap single, coming from his forthcoming album LEAVE THE KIDS BEHIND, with three other tracks appearing on the single including a great song titled JUST STOP CONCEIVING - a hilarious parody of Journey's hit Don;t Stop Believing and a subtle little ballad called SWALLOW MY KIDS, BS is un-shockable, and will go with his music where many people fear to tread.

As well as being a musician, he has self run businesses and recovered from an aortic aneurysm in 2005 and
even made an appearance on the Jerry Springer show
So, lets get the story right from the man himself.
Punk Globe: Tell us how you got involved with doing Parody Music, and What you think its attraction is?
BS: It all started like most things you get hooked up with - by accident. Back in high school, while I was playing sports you needed something to kill the time on those nasty bus rides. So we’d just have contests ripping into each other, just insulting everything including dead grandmothers. I flipped a song, got some laughs, later on got high one night – Wrote the rest, recorded it – And off the races I went. I think attraction is a good word to use. A freak show can be an attraction. A hot woman can be an attraction. But it sells tickets either way. And that’s the ying and yang of parody music. Some people love, laugh, whatever… Others – Don’t get it or hate it. I love that it creates a reaction; For better or worse… but it’s still relevant…
Punk Globe: How do you come up with the lyrics to your parodies, what is the process and do you think there are any songs that could NOT be made funny?
BS: Once again, accidents. On the new album I parody Vida la Vida by Coldplay, and I think the original is truly brilliant song. Hell, I think it won the Grammy for song of the year. But there are these little breaks in the song that has a certain humming lyric. To me it sounded like the word ‘ewww’ over and over. Thought about what reminded me of something nasty, something that can be an edgy topic, for better or worse, and out came a song about an experience with a woman that’s not so fresh, if you know what mean. The process really is taking an idea, listening to the song about 40 times, and thinking ‘Can this really work?’ I believe any song can be parodied – Hell, as an artist I respect the crap out of the people who wrote the originals of the songs I use. I mean, they’ve created something that was able to provoke a thought out of me – So if I was in their shoes, I’d be flattered.. But – There are some songs you just love the way they are, they way they were intended, and you say no way. To everyone it’s a different track. My parodies are written about real experiences in my life, I never want to give a person a reason to call bullshit on me, so I throw it all out there. My closet is on full display. But there are some songs that get me fired up for example, or some songs that remind of a ex-girlfriend or something, and even though I may have talked about her in a song, to me – I have songs in my head to remind me of her and what happened. Hell, my favorite Clash song is The Card Cheat – If only because it makes me think about what I’ve done, and what to dedicate my energy to. So If I lampooned it, it wouldn’t hold the same meaning for me anymore. But who knows? I parody ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey, but then again… If that fires someone up like The Card Cheat… Well, eff them anyway…
Punk Globe: Your new single COUGAR is a Rap tune, How did this come about?
BS: When I first got into music – Like when the parody stuff started taking off, I knew nothing about instruments, production, anything. So rap beats were easy to get. And that’s how I landed my first record deal. I was doing funny little rap tunes that were original. But then Eminem got big, I’m a white dude, they wanted me to pander to 12 year olds, and I said to hell with it. I love that you can be very blunt with rap, and yet – It’s not immediately considered dumbed down. I think good rock music lyrics are more innuendo based; Like it’s a secret club to really get the meaning… But rap is pretty much “here you go… We’re having sex… And smoking weed…” So I’ve always had the talent to rap, but as much as I don’t fit the demo, I enjoy the challenge of throwing in innuendo, while making it fun. A lot of people in this industry think they’re much more important than what they are – We’re all replaceable. So why not push the boundaries and knock ‘em all on their ass? Just getting by doesn’t last forever. Unique is always unique – No matter how many come after you, ya know? So I try to be serious and funny, if that’s possible.
Punk Globe: Tell us the story of JUST STOP CONCEIVING and what other treats do you have lined up for the album?
BS: God, this is going to sound so wrong. But Michael Jackson dying was a good thing if just for one reason. Now let me explain here: Like the rest of the world, I was so sick and tired of hearing about Jon and Kate, and their litter of children, and the cheating, and whatever else, and even the Octomom before all their problems got public; so when he died – At least it got the networks to quit talking about them for a second. Do these people know they’re famous for having babies? That technically were made in a lab? Excuse me, but what value do you have? And then the curtain gets pulled back, he’s a douche, she’s a bitch, blah, blah… Really?!? So it’s my message to the world asking them to quit with the pimping of their kids for their own shortcomings. This is why the rest of the world hates America. It’s the only country that you can throw your hands in the air, shit out a few kids, mix in a lil’ drama, and boom! Reality show! And the odd thing is… It’s like lottery winners. By the time it’s over, they wish they never got it. Everything's gone to hell. Think of this song as the Middle Finger version ‘We are the World.’ We just gotta make a change… (laughing)
Punk Globe: As well as music, you run businesses among other things......what should I be investing my money in right now, Any Stocks tips?
BS: Can I have a little disclaimer like the articles in Fortune? Like it’s an opinion and not fact? Seriously though, it’s no secret that we’re in a very interesting period right now, a lot of people are making some great money betting for and against a recovery; But I think you first need to ask the question ‘when are we going to return to the status quo?’ I’m not talking gold-in-the-streets kind of economy, just more of a world where you don’t have to worry about losing your job. The worst is passed us, no doubt, but it’s going to be a couple years before we’re comfortable again. The good thing about the collapse of 2008 from a stock point of view is it separated the haves and have-nots even more. Circuit City is gone, Linen ‘N’ Things is gone, the automakers got a much needed swift kick in the ass. And at the end of the day, it makes us all stronger. Blockbuster will continue to die a slow death. They may get bought, but it’s a band-aid on a bullet wound. It’s inevitable. So you go the way of who wins when one of the big dudes goes down: Blockbuster fails, so Netflix wins. Best Buy wins with Circuit City dying, Bed, Bath and Beyond wins, etc… You can price a stock, and say it’s overvalued, but it’s really not. Amazon, Priceline, Target – If they’re rockin’ in this environment – Imagine the numbers they’ll put up when things turn the corner. They’re safe plays now; May not net the greatest returns – But you won’t lose a ton either, and you know they’ll go up over time; And this time – They’ll all be playing on a field that yields very little to no competition. And I have a question for you – Is this the first interview for Punk Globe that gets a mention of Bed, Bath, and Beyond? (laughing)
Punk Globe: What do you think is the funniest Parody you have ever written?
BS: Tough to say. As I said earlier, everything kind of channels an experience I had or know about personally, so it varies based off of the audience or my mood at the time. I love seeing the reactions of people when I do a song. Whether it’s a laugh, or a look like they just found out they did their sister – It gives the ultimate rush to me. You have to have pretty thick skin to throw yourself out there with this stuff, so if I did ‘You have Aids’ and get pelted with a battery that night, well… It’s now my favorite song to do live. I mean, someone threw a AA battery at me they were so offended! The minute I’m completely at peace with a song I write, I’ll hang it up. And I don’t think I’m there yet. I know that’s such an ‘entertainer’ thing to say, but it’s the truth. You have to have passion to put out anything good, and I’d like to think people at least say it’s good. Or it sounds good anyway (laughing). I’ll never do it for a check. Though those are always nice too. I’m like the parent of a huge family. They say they love all their kids equally – So I’ll use that answer… (laughing)
Punk Globe: If you could re record or re write any persons material to make it funny, who would it be and why?
BS: Saxon - Denim and Leather. I don’t even have to think about it. The song is so terrible to begin with, where I can go with it… I mean, where could I go with it? (laughing) That’s one of those songs that you get a couple cases of beer, watch bad movies, and leave a tape recorder running all night. The playback in the morning has the notebook moving the entire next day…
Punk Globe: Will you be touring the "LEAVE THE KIDS BEHIND" album?
BS: Of course – Comedy Clubs seem to work the best. At least there’s less battery tossers there. People need to walk in knowing that I’m trying to go for a laugh. If I’m booked at a bar, or a smaller venue, and see 1500 teenagers out there – Well… It’s always an interesting night. You play what works – But I love to test the limits of people’s tolerance. And a comedy club gives me that challenge. A normal stage gives you random people looking for Jack Johnson or Panic at the Disco. So I end up ripping them and telling them to go back to the suburbs in their parents SUV. Barry Manilow I’m not… (laughing) We’ll be announcing dates in the near future, just tying up some loose ends right now.
Punk Globe: Do you see the Internet being the biggest market for parody songs?
BS: The Internet is the biggest market for any type of music. It’s not going away, it’s only growing. To think that 10 years ago burning a cd was considered high-tech, that mp3’s were brand-new, and now it’s ipods with 30,000 songs… It’s wild. You see it on soundscan – Physical media isn’t vital anymore. It’s a cost. It’s an ad. Artists do it to do it. And it’s really only major labels that do it anymore anyway. And I think it’s just for the kids. 10 year olds want their fold out poster on the back of linear notes. I want the music. That said, if people want my music – Yeah, the internet is great because it ties in with music videos, interviews, any joke thing going on – It’s endless. You link it – They click it, listen, and either buy it or download it illegally. As long as they listen, I could care less. I just love that I can entertain someone.
Punk Globe: Where can people find out more about you, your music, and where can your music be bought?
BS: Well, based off of what I just said, it certainly can’t be bought as a CD in a record store (laughing…)! Anyone that wants to know more can visit my official website: and from there they can find my facebook, twitter, myspace, itunes, amazon, youtube, you name it. They can even see the cover for ‘Leave the Kids Behind’ which I had to fight my ass for to be approved. I hope to make many a top 10 list as far as all time greatest album covers… (laughing)
Punk Globe: Any messages for the readers of Punk Globe?
BS: Just be you. If people get pissed, to hell with them. If you live everyday doin’ your own thing, as long as you sleep easy, you’re doin’ ok. And if someone loses sleep over something you do or say – Then you did something right; They just can’t handle it. Let’s knock everyone on their ass – It’s looooong overdue!
Punk Globe would like to thank BS for the great interview. Comedy and Chicago= Talent.. Kathy Griffin, Emo Phillips, Judy Tenuta and BS (A Whiteman).

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