Reviewed By: Sharla Cartner


Band Members:
Pete Mac - Vocals, Guitars, Bass (for albums)
Mike Mac - Vocal Harmonies, Drums
John Fin - Bass
This Irish trio Paradox is an alternative hard rock band. With influences from Jeff Buckley, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and The Tea Party, Paradox constructs their own developing sound of hard rock. Paradox has a solid fan base and has received airplay on radio stations, and rave reviews around the globe.

Paradox explodes with high intensity with screaming guitar riffs and solid drumming but there is more to this band than musical talent. Paradox generates melodic hard rock, with introspective lyrics and intricate melodies. The vocals of Pete Mac are delivered with solid feeling and sincerity. The two tracks Downward Spiral and Lame and Languid are from the album Sacred. Lame and Languid possess some sweet acoustic guitar riffs and loaded with emotion. Downward Spiral is energetic, with infectious riffs and the vocals grind out the lyrics.

"Is it time for me, is it time for you." - Lame and Languid

If you love hard rock music, check out Paradox:


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