By Chris Rockson


"Are you a punk, are you with god?
Change your mind, wont be too long
Swing off my branch, swing onto you
Now she's bored, try something new"


Band Members:

Micci - Vocals

Chris - Bass

Fox - Guitar

Olly - Keys

Garth - Drums


Paparazzi Whore's latest offering will be available to the world from April 28, but I had the absolute pleasure of hearing it, pre-release via their press-pack.

'Not since the days of such iconic artists as The Jam, The Stranglers and PIL has a UK band allowed their sound to be dominated by bass' read the release note, and I have to agree, it's an awesome sound, like being hit by Panzer Division!!!!!

There is an urgency about the song, it flows along quite steadily but all the time, your heart is beating like its about to explode. The basslines are loud and the dominant force behind the sound, but the very clever use of keys and guitars, alongside the drum sound, which is almost 'Paul Cook-esque' in its volume, make this a very very danceable outfit.

This sound will appeal to a very wide age range, as the kids will appreciate its 'dance club' elements and the older punk types will be drawn by its energy and rawness. They're destined for success and have already tasted the big time as a featured artist on the hit television show in the UK, 'Singing with the Enemy'.


You can find out more about Paparazzi Whore by visiting their websites :




Look out for a full interview with them in next Month's Punk Globe Magazine!