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By: Michael Rys
PanzerBastard out of Boston new EP Centurion/Into The Panzermonium is chock full of lessons for the kids playing what they pass off as metal these days. This band is about as old school as it gets with out sounding stale.Far from it... I must admit when I read the record company line on them (PATAC Records) as metallic hardcore I thought " oh great,another band in drop d tuning with intelligible cookie monster vocals alternating with high pitched squalling". Imagine my disappointment when there was none of the shit to be had on this record. All kidding aside Centurion is on fire from beginning to end. Starts of with some great versions of two Celtic Frost songs I Wont Dance and The Usurper. I like these two version better than any Celtic Frost versions of the songs( Never big on them)PanzerbBastard's originals is where they really got my attention.The song Centurion is creepy death march back to the front lines,Life Waster is air hammer to the head to those that stab you in the back.My favorite song on the EP is Fatherless Son Of A War Machine.Classic underground thrash with just enough melody to recall bands form the 80's wave of British metal. Fans of Mobile Deathcamp,Motorhead, and Crank County Davedevils will drool over this disc. I'm told their new album is in the works and if its anything like the Cenurion/Into The Panzermonium I cant wait to hear it. You can check out the band here: www.myspace.com/panzerbastard