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Hmm Palm Springs Doesn't Rock Unless it is a Real Secret
By: Timm Carney
So here I am in Palm Springs and I want to rock. I break out the ole faithful lap top and Google "punk rock palms springs". I found a sports bar with a DJ with "punk rock attitude" and I found a resort that has "a punk rock attitude". So all I can get is "attitude" at best. There are a couple of "punk rock" bands that come from the area but they don't seem to play here. I was a little bummed to say the least. This is the Coachella Valley I really thought the festival would have at least leeched into the club scene. Then I thought, "Hey maybe they don't advertise." That's punk rock! So there I was looking for someone "Punk Rock" on the street and asking them for help. I felt like I was in high school again; there I was looking for some who was vaguely punk rock to talk to; not a nice reminiscence. I did meet a chick who looked like a young and clean Amy Winehouse. She had nothing for me. I was stymied. I saw a dude skate boarding and pulled my car over. Apparently a guy over 40 in a sports car pulling over to the side of the road and calling out "Hey can you help me out" is creepy? Beer is cheap and "clothing optional" is the rule, so make the most of it and hum "California Uber Alles" and you'll feel better like I did.