Ginger Coyote Gets Deep With
I recently had a chance to ask my new pal Oyi some questions about his band Nervous Breakdown. He is the lead singer and guitar player for the band. We also spoke about the punk scene in Jakarta.. Nervous Breakdown have just released a new double EP on the Net Label Yes No Wave Music. You can download it for free at the address that Oyi gives below... I hope you dig the interview...
Punk Globe: How long has Nervous Breakdown been together for and who is in the band?
Oyi Keren: The band started on March 5th 2006, Yes we are under the Pisces sign, The band consists of me (Oyi !) on vocal and guitar. Freddie on drum and bass, Xeno on guitar and drum, Tommy on Bass and Drum, Kinda weird isn't it ?? Yes we love to switch instruments depending on our mood =)
Punk Globe: You recently released a new double EP can you tell us about it?
Oyi Keren: Actually all the music from the double EP that I've sent to you is basically from our first demo live sessions named "New Dogs On The Block". Which we recorded on October 8th 2007, the complete demo sessions. At first we gave it out secretly in small numbers to several chosen people but very good people. Until we decide to release half of it widely through a Jogjakarta net label. It is out on Yes No Wave Music under the name of "Never Green" EP. The first EP release on June 4th 2008, which is we dedicated to our beloved friend who murdered tragically in her office on the same day our EP was released, "God Save The Freak" was released on it March 5th 2010, As our 4th birthday present to our scenes, the EP itself contain the rest of the tracks from New Dogs On The Block Session.
Punk Globe: What label is it out on?
Oyi: YES NO WAVE is a net label from Jogjakarta Indonesia. and if you don't have idea what is " net label " I suggest you to search the definition of it, in or you can go to the website
Punk Globe: Are you familiar with Stoneage Records?
Oyi: We come from the same city as Stoneage Records, So of course we know them, We are both from Jakarta, Indonesia
Punk Globe: Tell us about the Punk Scene in Jakarta?
Oyi: It is pretty interesting, you can find so many good bands or so many scenesters in Indonesia, Yes our scene has grown into something bigger than before!
Punk Globe: Have you ever played any shows with Berry and Antiseptic?
Oyi: I personally know Berry, he such a nice person. Antiseptic is well known as a the first HC/Punk band in Indonesia. But no we have no played together yet.
Punk Globe: How many shows does the band play in a month?
Oyi: We rarely play in public, you can call us PICKY or whatever, but we believe that not every show is worth playing. We have our own idealistic standards and we believe existence is not only received by regular weekly/daily performances.. Integrity is number one. We're only gonna play a show, when our heart say Yes, Goddamn us moody Pisces. lol
Punk Globe: Who are your favorite bands?
Punk Globe: What venues in Jakarta do you like to play at?
Oyi: We don't have favorite place to play.... Since we were so moody. lol
Punk Globe: Is your EP available outside of Jakarta?
Oyi: Yes No Wave is a Net Label that has released our records. Which means people around the world can have it whenever and wherever they want. Just go to the internet website of YES NO WAVE, and then download for free our EP. Yeah free music for free people :)
Punk Globe: Have you toured?
Oyi: Yes! We have played outside of Jakarta at Jogjakarta and Malang... Great shows and we had lots of fun..
Punk Globe: Do you have any Website, My Space, Facebook addresses that you would like to give the readers?
Oyi: You can have a nice and warm communication with us at or We love to meet new people :)
Punk Globe: What does the rest of 2010 hold for Nervous Breakdown have in store for the band?
Oyi: hmm...... I don't really understand this question. But we want good people or good news come to us, Just like you Ginger Coyote :)
Punk Globe: Any last words for the readers of Punk Globe?
Oyi: "Be the best to the max and God will do the rest :)" Cheers to all the Punk Globe readers we hope you like our music. We hope that Punk Globe will review our EP... And so much thanx to Punk Globe :) for this interview..
Punk Globe would like to thank Oyi for the fun and informative interview