Offend Your Friends

Indicisive Bastards

By Tyler Vile


Track Listing

1. Random Chemicals

2. Classy Guy

3. Destructo Boy

4. Healthy Kids Hate Us

5. My Life is Fucked

6. Old Glory

7. Pirates of Destiny

8. Rock Paper Scissors

9. Sidewalk Surfer

10. Skulls

11. Vacation in the Middle East

12. Woah Song


Offend Your Friends Indecisive Bastards  is a record full of live fast, die young ska/punk. Its like CHOKING VICTIM without the faux-Satanism and death metal touches. Speedy just-snorted-some-coke rhythms and horns accent this album along with lyrics about drug use, not wanting to grow up and politics. There isnt a song on here that exceeds 3 Minutes. The band throws in their version of the age old punk clich of covering THE MISFITS. The song is Skulls and they do it slowly for a minute and then speed it up to the tempo of the rest of the album. The album is available for free download at their myspace page


I recommend this album to fans of Operation Ivy, Rancid, Catch 22, Choking Victim and Streetlight Manifesto