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Silly & Infantile
Michael Rys
Six cats from Chattanooga Tn,putting out their first full length release Silly and Infantile after building a impressive local following and putting out two EP's "What am I?" and "The Green Chicken" have generated excitement in local music press and their clippings got me excited to listen too. Ive listened to the CD a few times something I don't always do with a CD that does not grab me right away. Not that I'm headed in negative direction at all, I am not .But, my first reaction to "Silly & Infantile" was nothing short of rattled and confused. Sorta like the girl that's in most guys past... you know the one that was on psychotropic drugs prescribed by her "doctor", you just never knew what you were going to get on any given day. Opposite Box is just that, from song to song, you may get metal mixed with funk,jazz lines mixed with beat boxing, punk with glam.... too much for my little brain to handle on one listen. These Cd really grew on me though and varied approaches with each of this 10 CD is not only appreciated its hella refreshing. Its easy to see why this band is packing them in down south. The bass and lead guitar lines are killer metal tinged screamers,the horns do nothing to take away from the power of the rhythm section and the vocals swing freely from funk to hard rock,to metal, kinda like old Mike Patton's vocals were in his prime. The answering machine messages in between songs are funny too and serve as a lesson to those leaving messages on band members phones, you just may wind up on a record.
Opposite Box has defiantly put out a CD with Silly and Infantile that's worth a listen especially in your not stuck in a genre rut and can dig bands that stretch the limits. The CD has the energy of five year old after attacking all the Easter candy, and if the Cd is this boundless I can only imagine how killer Opposite Box is as a live band.Favorite tunes on this CD ( already loaded into the MP3 player) are Devils Lettuce, Hannibal Montana, and I Want to be Like You.

Check out Opposite Box here;
www.reverbnation.com/oppositebox, and www.facebook.com/oppositebox

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