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By: DeFen
Ominous Black and Sadgiqacea are both cosmic post metal/psychedelic sludge bands from Philly/Jersey area. Ominous Black began around 2005 playing thrash drone metal originally called Ominous Black Cyclone Of Spiritual Foulness and since have changed a few members and progressed into psychedelic post metal. Ominous Black's track, 'Free Will Is A Lie Designed To Make Existence Interesting' is so musically intricate as to be distortedly melodic. This nine minute track swells and crushes utilizing low crust vox...something like an ocean would if it were filled with locusts rather than water.
Sadgiqacea's (ex Eternity Void members) contribution, 'Thy Will Be None' is of similar intensity and intricacy. I think what struck me most about this track was the shift from guttural growling vocals to new wave harmonics, almost Cure-ish. Definitely something you want to hear at a post apocalyptic dance party. All told, anyone who might want to hear something with bits of Dillinger Escape Plan, Man Is The Bastard, and Sleep should def check this split out, like now.

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