A Special Thanks From Carol Wagener
Olga de Volga's Sister

Hello Dear Ginger,

I've been wanting to contact you for some time, but I've been kept pretty busy since Olgy Sue closed her eyes. Right off the bat our mother became very ill and I feared she was going to follow her oldest daughter! Susie's death has really taken a toll on mom; she is now physically better, but her mind and spirit may never recover. I tried the phone number that Olga had in her big black book for you, but it was no longer a working number. I want to thank you for the tributes you published in your May issue of the Punk Globe. I forwarded that information to all family members and many friends. Your tribute meant a great deal to me . . . words can not even begin to express my emotions. Thank you so much.

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I worked pretty hard on the memorial service that was held for her in Hilo and that kept me very busy. A couple of women sent me photos from that.  The table they set up at the front of the church contained 8 photo boards I made; her ashes in a bag I sewed, placed inside this cool, Japanese- looking organic basket; flowers, ferns, shells and beach glass Olga had collected; and all on a table cover I also sewed. I think she approved of it.  In one of the photos from the service, this huge, white...halo like thing appears in the center of the church, over the folks in the pews...the woman who took the photo thinks it is Olga and I agree.  Her dear "soul sista Suzanne" (they realized upon meeting for the first time that they both were wearing the same dolphin ring!) will take her ashes up to Volcano and scatter them in the tube where Olgy-Sue has laid to rest the bodies of her cat-children who preceded her in death. Suzanne will be doing that on Olgy's birthday, May 19.  Right now her ashes are hanging out with Suzanne, who just moved to a cottage sitting on two acres;  I'm sure Olga is loving that!

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Let me know if you would like to see photos from the service and I will send them along.
I'm attaching the obit I ran in the Hilo paper. I actually wanted to run a longer one in the SF Chronicle. . .and I wanted to put it in both SF papers, but the SF Chronicle was verrrrrrrry expensive, so I just had to go with what I could afford. And, I'm attaching some older photos of Olgy....when she was only Susan, and some when she added Olga to the mix that I thought you might like to see.  The first one is about age 18, then 25 or so, then two you probably recognize, and the last one I think she was in her late 40s...possibly early 50s?

I was reading through old letters from Olga one night. I was blanking on the name of one of her surviving cats, and I wanted to list that in the obit I ran in the Hilo papers. I knew I had a letter or two mentioning the cat, so that is why I was going through my letters. In doing that, I ran across an old letter where she was apologizing to me for being such a butt. It was after our brother had been killed, and after I had spent 6 weeks in Oklahoma City getting our nephew through outpatient rehab to save his right leg. (He was driving the motorcycle the day of the accident that killed our brother.) Anyway, things in OK City didn't go too well with the nephew and I wound up taking him back down to Durant, OK, instead of bringing him back to Seattle before sending him on to HI to spend the summer with his auntie Olga, which was the orginal plan.  I was feeling pretty rotten about the whole thing...was suicidal in fact and wound up in therapy, etc. During that time, Olga and I had gotten in to it over the phone regarding the whole Oklahoma thing...which of course just made things even worse. In her letter of apololgy to me, she said "my good friend Ginger Coyote made me realize what an ass I have been".... then she went on a bit and told me how you had "set her straight"....and she was very grateful to you of course. Well, I'd like to thank you for that TOO. You really helped Olgy and I patch things up : - ) You are a good friend...only a really good friend will let you know when you're being an ass...and of course we all are like that from time to time.

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Thank you again for being such a good friend to my big sista, Olgy-Sue.  I loved her so very much. She and I were most definitely connected on a psychic level....I always knew when she was in danger or pain....I could feel it....and now I feel so very strange without her presence in this world.  It's so different from when my dad and brother died.  I guess because she and I shablack so much in our early years that I was more connected to her in ways I was not to Dad and Glenn.  The last couple of years of her life were so hard and I shed so many tears over her and with her, that I thought I was ready for her death.  I am happy that she is no longer suffering...but I realize now that I was not ready because it is impossible to imagine the pain of the actual loss. 

Aloha Nui Loa,


Link to Olga de Volga obituary notice